Gulf Coast Oil Spill Hits 100th Day & World’s Largest Wind Project Breaks Ground

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Gulf Coast Oil Disaster reaches its 100th day, IBM strengthening its energy management solutions and the world’s largest wind energy project gets underway.


As yesterday marked the 100th day of the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster, the Obama administration released new strategies for not only re-building the Gulf Coast but also protecting it from future oil spills and hurricanes. The plans outline negotiating with BP for a $5 billion down payment on expected payments for natural resource damages, complete construction on Louisiana Coastal projects within 5 years, and add an additional $500 million to the budgeted recovery.

IBM and Tridium, Inc. have announced that they will integrate their respective software and hardware applications to build solutions that maximize the efficiency of new and existing buildings. Tridium’s software allows building managers to control all of the mechanical equipment in a facility. IBM plans to integrate their Energy Management and asset Management enterprise software with Tridium’s to provide customers a real-time solution that will meter, monitor, and control a facility.

The world’s largest wind energy project broke ground this week in the Mojave Desert in Los Angeles. Dubbed, The Alta Wind Energy Center the project will produce 1,550 MW of electricity from almost 600 wind turbines. Initial estimates put the projects price tag at $1.6 Billion. Southern California Edison, which has agreed to purchase power generated from this project recently finished the first phase of a transmission system that will deliver the electricity from the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles.

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» Zach said: { Jul 29, 2010 - 06:07:04 }

Interesting to hear about IBM’s integration plan.

» vlhorton said: { Jul 30, 2010 - 09:07:24 }

well they are gonna need all that wind generation if Arizona cuts off their power. :)

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