2013 Rhode Island Feed-in Tariff Schedule Announced

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2013 Rhode Island Feed-in Tariff Schedule Announced

National Grid recently announced their 2013 enrollment schedule for Rhode Island’s feed-in tariff program. Basically, it calls for a total of 40MW in new renewable energy procurement by 2014, with 10MW scheduled for this year. Renewable energy projects are all eligible for the program. Small systems will be accepted at the ceiling price on a first-come, first-serve basis until capacity is filled. Larger projects will be awarded contracts based on bid-in pricing submitted for each project. The announced 2013 open enrollments include the two-week period from March 4th-15th, a second enrollment occurring in June, and a third in September.

Germany to Replace Filament Bulbs with LED’s

An EU directive decreed that from September 2012 onwards no more filament bulbs could be installed because of the high energy it consumes. The problem Germany is facing is that more than 30% of its street-lighting network is more than 40 years old, which means that it is more expensive to replace than maintain. The filament light bulbs gobble up a lot of power, and lighting accounts for up to 50% of the total energy costs for the average municipality. Once the filaments and high-pressure mercury lamps are gone, the investment in LED has to be made so that municipalities could save up to EUR 2 billion on energy bills.

New Renewable Energy Policies to Negatively Impact Frequency Inverters Market

Policy changes are set to have a profound impact on the market for frequency inverters in the solar and wind energy industries across Europe. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan finds that frequency inverters in the global solar and wind energy markets earned $6.00 billion and $2.84 billion, respectively, in 2011. But, Policy changes in Europe are predicted to hike taxes and reduce subsidies and investment in the renewable energy sector could discourage investment in the renewable energy sector.

Mississippi Power Retires First Generating Facility

Mississippi Power has retired its Plant Eaton electric generating facility in Petal, Miss., after 70 years of delivering power to customers. When the 67.5 megawatt plant began operation, Mississippi Power supplied electricity to only 40,000 customers. Today, the need for electricity has dramatically changed and the number of customers has increased more than four times. A new State-of-the-art project is slated to replace the retired plant. Kemper facility is nearly 75 percent complete and is estimated to be in operation in May 2014.


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