A Cash For Caulkers Bill Approval Gaining Momentum

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There are many who are frustrated and confused with the administrations attempts to move energy policy in the right direction. But, fortunately, I think our government got it right with the proposed “Cash for Caulkers” program. There’s a lot of meat behind this, but there’s also a lot to chew on. Houston Neal, the Marketing Director for Software Advice, says in a great summary of the bill that this proposed piece of legislation provides “$6 billion for energy-efficient or “green” retrofits. It is expected to fund renovations for 3 million families, create 168,000 new jobs and save consumers $9.2 billion on energy bills over the next 10 years.” Not only has he taken the time to put together graphs of the different tax incentives available to homeowners, but I also agree with his “low-hanging fruit” recommendations.

It is incredibly important to utilize the tax incentives that are available for air sealing (or weatherization), HVAC repairs or upgrades, and insulation. It’s all about the air conditioner and doing everything you can to keep your HVAC running as efficiently as possible will give you the comfort and return on investment that you’re looking for. Expect to see 1-3 year paybacks on the air sealing and insulation upgrades. While I think that Neal’s cost assessment’s for the New York Time’s costs for air sealing and insulation are realistic, this is a great opportunity for those Do-It-Yourselfers to bring the air sealing side of the equation way down to just a couple hundred bucks for caulking and door sweeps.

The House has already passed the bill so we’re only waiting on the Senate. If you agree with the passing of the bill, then contact your Senators and express the importance  of passing of this bill.

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