Agua Caliente in Arizona to Deliver 290 MW Solar Power by 2014

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The massive solar farm located in Yuma County, Arizona, is now delivering over 200 MW of clean solar electricity – making it the world’s largest operating photovoltaic power plant to this date. The construction is about two thirds finished, and when completed will have a total capacity of 290 MW. The project currently employs about 400 – 450 workers.

It is projected that the Ague Caliente will in 25 years (the lifetime of a typical solar panel), have offset about 5.5 million metric tons of CO2-equivalents. U.S. DoE has granted the project a loan guarantee of $967 million.

First Solar has designed the project with their thin-film solar panels, will operate and maintain the solar farm for NRG and MidAmerican Solar once completed.

Image credit: First Solar

“We look forward to the project’s continued success as we work together to meet California’s ambitious renewable energy goals. Solar projects like this are helping PG&E provide its customers with some of the nation’s cleanest electric power, more than half of which comes from sources that are renewable or emit no greenhouse gases,” said John Conway, PG&E’s Senior Vice President for Energy Supply.

Sunny Arizona could potentially be a solar powerhouse, and with the addition Agua Caliente, is good underway of becoming one.

With the announcement of the 200MW milestone, First Solar stock has jumped 7 percent in Monday morning trading to about $14.25 per share.


Let`s hope for more large-scale solar successes, pushing the cost of solar panels further down. Written by Mathias from Energy Informative.

Source: First Solar


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