America’s Most Energy Efficient Ballparks Are…

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Alliance To Save Energy or recently posted a piece on their site called “America’s Top 7 Energy-Efficient Baseball Stadiums.”  And is asking for feedback on it’s Facebook page about stadiums you have visited and how they stack up against one another.

There seems to be a race on these days for cities to do commercial retrofitting of their ballparks, city buildings and public spaces. As well as encourage business like gas stations, stores, and homes to retrofit as well by offering commercial and consumer rebates for going green. This is great news for the energy business as well as the planet!

The baseball stadiums rankings are based on “numbers of energy-efficient features, as well as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification” said Staff Writer at ASE Miriam Berg.

The Top 7 Goes To… 

1. Marlins Park: Miami Marlins

2. Target Field: Minnesota Twins

3. Nationals Park: Washington Nationals

4. AT&T Park: San Francisco Giants

5. Safeco Field: Seattle Mariners

6. Miller Park: Milwaukee Brewers

7. Busch Stadium: St. Louis Cardinals

What most of these stadiums have in common are LEED certification, LED fixtures, like scoreboards; transit-oriented routes, less water use in toilets/urinals, rain- water collection systems, energy efficient field lighting, and automated lighting systems that respond to usage and time of day.

We think this is pretty great –  Go team U.S.A!

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