Belgium and Germany Keep Lights On Despite Nuclear Turn-off

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Belgium and Germany Keep Lights On Despite Nuclear Turn-off

Freezing temperatures in both Belgium and Germany have put both countries’ power systems to the test, but neither country has experienced electricity blackouts despite the lack of nuclear power. Two of Belgium’s seven nuclear reactors were switched off this summer, following the discovery of cracks, cutting 2,000 MW of electricity-generating capacity. Similar news emerged from Germany as Reuters reports that the country’s electricity supply is adequate this winter, despite the nuclear switch off which started in 2011 following the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Trina Anticipates UK to Double Solar Installs I 2013

According to Trina Solar Ltd., the third-biggest solar cell maker, U.K. solar electricity may more than double this year as a boom in solar farms and domestic installations adds 2 gigawatts of new power capacity. Currently,  the U.K. industry benefits from policy stability that other countries are envious of – which is a complete turnaround from  2011  where ministers cut guaranteed prices for solar power after installations increased 10-fold, which led to numerous complaints  due to policy unpredictability.

UK Tops EU Offshore Wind League Table

The UK remains as the significant leader in European offshore wind, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of Europe’s total offshore capacity. The UK now has 870 turbines running in 20 offshore wind farms, more than double its nearest rival, Denmark, which has 416 turbines on 12 sites. Belgium has 91 turbines on just two sites while Germany runs 68 turbines in six wind farms. Offshore wind power installations in Europe rose by a third in 2012 and may increase by another 20 percent this year as developers build bigger farms in deeper waters.

Ocean Energy Developing On and Off American Shores

With assistance from the Energy Department, several U.S. companies are already putting wave and tidal energy projects in the water that will generate sustainable electricity for thousands of homes. Ocean Power Technologies is preparing to deploy its wave energy device off the coast of Oregon this spring. Another developer called Columbia Power Technologies (CPT) has already filed a patent application for their innovative and more efficient wave energy device called “Stingray”. While, Verdant Power has already finished its latest round of component testing for its 1 Megawatt commercial class tidal energy turbines to be installed in New York City’s East River.

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