Biggest Lithium Resource Deal Propelled by Battery Demand

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Biggest Lithium Resource Deal Propelled by Battery Demand 

Growing demand for high –performance batteries spurred by the largest-ever deal for lithium. Albermarle Corp. recently agreed to pay $6.2 billion in cash and stock for Rockwood Holdings Inc., the biggest producer of the metal. Albermarle anticipates lithium demand to increase s much as three times faster than the the global economy, with consumers demanding more mobile devices and as electric vehicle becoming more popular.  Rockwood is the biggest of four companies that manage about 90 percent of the market for lithium.

U.K. Can Gain $46 Billion from Tidal Lagoons, Report Shows

Developing tidal lagoon power plants at six sites across the country may add as much as $46 billion to the U.K. economy over a 12-year period, according to a report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.  The half-dozen facilities being considered by Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd. would provide 8 percent of the country’s electricity apart from annually contributing to its gross domestic product, says the report. Tidal Lagoon Power is planning to build its first facility across Swansea Bay in Wales. Construction of the 6-mile-long facility is expected to start in 2015, and power generation at 2018.

Japan Prepares for Atomic Restarts

The Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan’s nuclear regulator, has given its vote of confidence for the safety of two reactors, setting in motion the re-integration of atomic power even as most locals remain skeptical after the disaster in Fukushima. In a 400-page draft, the nuclear regulator reports that Kyushu Electric Power Co.’ No.1 and No.2 reactors at its Sendai plant in the country’s southern Kagoshima prefecture had passed safety checks. Restarting the plant would advance Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s goal of reviving the nuclear industry to reduce fossil fuel costs that have resulted in 23 straight months of trade deficits.

Shinsei Bank Plans $2 Billion Loans for Renewables in Japan

Shinsei Bank Ltd., a lender for Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s renewable energy projects in Japan, is gearing-up to provide as much as $2 billion (200 billion yen) in loans for clean-energy projects. The bank has pledged to fund 250 MW of solar projects, and is expected to increase to about 300 MW later this year.  The lender is also looking at biomass, geothermal and wind projects as it looks to diversify lending targets, says Tsukasa Makizumi, general manager of the specialty finance division of Shinsei.


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