Blinkx & The Daily Energy Report Agree To Content Partnership

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Interrupt Media, LLC, the parent company of The Daily Energy Report, is proud to announce that a strategic partnership has been finalized between Interrupt Media and Blinkx.  The deal brings The Daily Energy Report’s hot new webshow, “The Daily Energy Report”, to the forefront of energy news on the video search site.  Effective February 13th, The Daily Energy Report is now featured on its own dedicated channel under the Environment section of

Internet users have been trending towards energy news with an environmentally conscious focus.  Traditional outlets cannot keep up with the internet’s ability to provide the most current information.  The Daily Energy Report provides the most current, relevant energy news to a diverse group of viewers; viewers who know the value of legitimate information and know how to get it.  News consumers are more technologically savvy and skeptical than ever before which is putting producers in the hot seat.  Ben Lack, Chief Conversationalist at The Daily Energy Report, thinks the program is up to that challenge, saying “Through its energy related videos, The Daily Energy Report intends to keep viewers abreast with the latest developments in the world of energy”.

“Blinkx is different than other video search engines because of [its] professionally produced content” explains Blinkx representative, Michael Peggs.  Peggs goes on to say that Blinkx is constantly seeking out content that their users are asking for as well as predicting video search trends.  This careful maintenance guarantees users up-to-date videos and an ever-changing selection. The dedicated channel on will be a huge step forward in growing The Daily Energy Report’s  viewer base.  Lack speaks favorably about the partnership, saying “Blinkx gives us the ability to expand the show’s reach among sites that deliver premium content”.

The Daily Energy Report is the latest project from the Atlanta, Georgia based media solutions company, Interrupt Media. The web show has been running since December 4thand is hosted, Monday-Friday, by Chief Conversationalist and Interrupt Media Principal, Ben Lack.  Blinkx is the largest and most advanced video search and hosting site on the web.  It has the capability to direct users to any one of 35 million videos and garners more than 17 million unique hits per day.  Blinkx is based out of California and was founded in 2004 by Suranga Chandratilake.


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