BP Containment Cap Still Holding, Claims Reach More Than $200 Million

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After a weekend full of tests, it looks like the new cap on the leaking oil well in the Gulf has kept it from leaking more oil or gas. BP, has also found that tests for sonar, visual and acoustic activity so no irregularities. Now that it looks like the worst is behind us, BP has ramped up efforts to compensate those affected by the 3-month long spill. The company just reached payments of more than $200 million from 32,000 processed claims. Fisherman have received $32 million so far, while $18 million has already gone to shrimpers.

Scottish and Southern Energy and Mitsubishi have agreed to a partnership to develop and roll-out low-carbon technologies. The partnership will create about 1,000 new jobs over the next five years as projects worked on include developing offshore wind farms and carbon capture and storage systems and advancing smart grid technology.

The test for a British intelligence solar powered unmanned aircraft called the Zephyr, is still going on in Arizona as the aircraft has already been in the air for more than168 hours. The aircraft, which runs on solar power during the day and lithium sulphur batteries at night, will be kept in the air for another week. If successful, the test will show that this unmanned aircraft will be able to conduct long missions for defense purposes or environmental observations without having to return to a base for more fuel. The aircraft’s designers plan to keep the aircraft in the air for another week in an attempt to prove that it can be used for long-term surveillance lasting for months rather than days. This is the second solar-powered plane to break a flying record in the last month as the manned Solar Impulse managed to stay in flight for more than 24 hours.

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» Tom D. said: { Jul 23, 2010 - 01:07:17 }

Do you think tropical storm Bonnie will affect the oil spill?

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