BYD Launches First Pure-Electric Vehicle for Consumers in China

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BYD launches first pure-electric vehicle for consumers in China

China-based BYD has introduced its popular five-passenger, long-range, all-electric cross-over vehicle, the BYD e6, for consumer purchases in China. Consumers in Shenzhen, China, will receive a substantial government subsidy — equivalent to about $18,000 USD — and the e6 unsubsidized price will start at $56,900. The final price to consumers will be $38,430.

BYD’s e6 is powered by BYD’s independently developed Iron-Phosphate batteries. It has a driving range of over 190 miles — the longest-driving-range, 5-passenger vehicle in its class and nearly double the range of its closest 4-seat competitor.

In addition, BYD is deploying some new breakthrough technologies and high-end equipment as standard in e6 model. The company’s e6 will implement the newly developed BYD-i system that allows many vehicle functions to be performed remotely by smartphone and using cloud-data for high-tech driving assistance.

Utility Wind Integration Group to add solar generation, changes name

The Utility Wind Integration Group announced that it will expand its focus to include solar generation and will change its name to the Utility Variable Generation Integration Group. The organization will explore solar integration topics as well as those relating to wind. The organization’s board of directors has voted to approve the name change.

BioSolar gets approval for commercial sale of BioBacksheet

BioSolar Inc. has received the long awaited provisional Relative Thermal Index recognition from Underwriters Laboratories for its BioBacksheet.

UL certification is required for all electronic products and components, such as solar panels, prior to their sale in the general marketplace. The official provisional RTI designation from UL allows solar panel manufacturers to proceed with confidence in integrating BioBacksheet into their panels for full UL certification, which the company expects to be merely a procedural matter.

BioBacksheet is the world’s first and only UL approved bio-based backsheet for use in solar panels, and it is a direct replacement for conventional backsheets currently used in over 70% of solar panels in the world.

GE to cut solar installation costs, make rooftop solar more affordable

GE Global Research, the technology development arm for the General Electric Co., is working on two projects aimed at simplifying and reducing the cost of solar PV installations. The projects are part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sunshot Initiative.

The first of the two projects will be a $2.9 million program to improve some of the underlying technologies in residential solar systems that help reduce the cost of key components. The second program is a $3 million project focused on commercial rooftop applications. The goal here is to develop pre-wired and pre-configured components for easier installation of solar systems onto commercial rooftops.

First Wind completes 40-MW wind project in Vermont

First Wind has completed its 40-MW Sheffield Wind project in Vermont. The wind project, located in the Town of Sheffield in the Northeast Kingdom, is comprised of 16 Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW turbines and will generate enough power for about 45% of the homes in the Northeast Kingdom.

The renewable power generated by the project has been sold to three Vermont utilities including the Burlington Electric Department, the Vermont Electric Cooperative Inc. and the Washington Electric Cooperative Inc.

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