Carmanah Technologies Installs 250-kW Solar System in Ontario

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Carmanah Technologies installs 250-kW solar system in Ontario

Carmanah Technologies Corp. has installed a 250-kW solar rooftop photovoltaic system in Ontario. The company received a C$1.4 million contract from a commercial refrigeration service provider in Southern Ontario to design and install this solar system.

The solar array occupies roughly 30,000 square feet of the facility’s rooftop and generates about 300,000 kWh of clean, carbon-free electricity annually. The rooftop-mounted solar system generates revenue under the refrigeration service provider’s contract with the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program.

Morgan Solar raises $28.8 million in second round of venture capital

Morgan Solar Inc. has raised a total of $28.8 in its second round of venture capital. The investment includes a $9.8 million investment from Enbridge Inc. Morgan Solar is a manufacturing the Sun Simba, a turnkey, rapidly deployed solar energy generation solution. The Sun Simba is fully integrated with the company”s lightweight, self-ballasted Savanna tracker and easily scaled from 10-kW to multi-megawatt installations.

Kyocera Solar adds MyGenflex to solar energy kits

Kyocera Solar Inc. has added MyGenflex to its MyGen Kits — all-inclusive kits for residential and light commercial solar energy installations. MyGenflex offers increased versatility for installation, expansion and monitoring services, featuring Kyocera’s premier KD240 watt solar modules, and new M215 microinverters from Enphase Energy.

The MyGenflex kit enables a scalable solar system by converting direct current produced by solar modules into alternating current from each individual module in an array. This allows owners the flexibility to add to their solar energy system as needed. Further enhancing the MyGenflex system is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis software from Enphase, which monitors each microinverter and solar module in online casino the system.

SmartSynch joins Grid Net software reseller program

Grid Net, a provider of the leading machine-to-machine network operating system for the smart grid, said that SmartSynch becomes the third member to join its software reseller program. SmartSynch and Grid Net will soon announce their first project together.

The software reseller program also includes GE Energy and Landis Gyr. Grid Net lets utilities choose from any number of device manufacturers and wireless carriers with high-speed broadband networks like 2G, 3G, 4G-LTE, 4G-WiMAX, and FTTH/Ethernet. Grid Net-enabled devices have the power to handle multiple advanced smart grid applications, and the bandwidth to deploy new capabilities in remote firmware upgrades, which provides ample room to expand the device’s capabilities over time.

Asoka introduces solution for residential solar power systems for data logging

Asoka Corp. has launched the first residential solar solution, SolarLink, which uses existing in-home electrical wiring for system data logging and remote monitoring. The SolarLink PLC adapter directly connects the solar power system’s inverter and data logger to the residence’s home area network internet service through the electrical wiring to upload data to the solar service provider. This eliminates the need for complex cable installations and is more robust than unreliable wireless systems, providing flexibility in installation options and reducing installation costs and customer inconvenience.

In addition, SolarLink enables providers to remotely monitor system performance over the Internet and diagnose maintenance issues without on-site visits.

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