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Energy efficiency and the Solyndra effect

Posted on September 26th, 2011 by

Not so long ago the green energy movement celebrated because President Obama used words like ‘renewable energy’ and ‘climate change’ in his inaugural speech. It[...]

A Greener World: The Sustainability Decisions of America’s Leading Companies

Posted on September 6th, 2011 by

Imagine you just spent $50 at the store purchasing everyday household necessities and the store clerk inquires whether you would like to donate $1.50 for[...]

The Blinding Cost of Street Lighting When Purchase Decisions Are Improperly Managed

Posted on September 1st, 2011 by

Have you ever thought what our physical environment would look like without the benefit of street lighting?  This seemingly mundane piece of engineering is taken[...]

Desert Year: Robust Economy and Lessons of the Sonoran Agave

Posted on August 23rd, 2011 by

There is a good deal of worry about the robustness of our nation’s economy. And rightly so. Especially since we have about 5 million fewer[...]

Home energy devices: Can we bewilder Edison?

Posted on August 15th, 2011 by

Why do so many energy insiders insist that home energy automation will fail? Many whom I respect say the typical householder will never take the[...]

Could Energy Resources Cause Russia to Spark a Naval War in the Caspian?

Posted on July 29th, 2011 by

In the past three decades the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed a well-earned sense of paranoia. First, in September 1980 Saddam Hussein invaded Iran[...]

Denver: From the brown cloud to the green light

Posted on July 25th, 2011 by

When it comes to the green energy race, it’s not over until it’s over. Just look at the city of Denver. For years the Mile[...]

A no-granola case for energy efficiency

Posted on July 11th, 2011 by

I attended a green energy conference nearly a decade ago in Washington, D.C., where several speakers expressed astonishment at the audience’s clothes. People were dressed[...]

A Green Cloud is a Transparent Cloud

Posted on June 27th, 2011 by

At Connectivity Week in Santa Clara, recently, I took part in a series of panel discussions on data center energy efficiency. The discussions covered a[...]

How did we grow an energy conscience?

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by

The US has grown an energy conscience. Just look around in stores that sell appliances, computers, televisions, light bulbs or any kind of electric equipment.[...]

Is the energy efficiency service market still MUSH?

Posted on June 17th, 2011 by

We hear a lot about energy efficiency these days, but who is actually pursuing it? In recent years most of the big players that install[...]

Why Your Company Should Produce A Sustainability Report

Posted on March 8th, 2011 by

Ample evidence suggests confidence in the private sector in the post-financial crisis era is tempered – and at times definitively low. A brief scan of[...]

What To Expect When An Energy Auditor Visits Your Office

Posted on January 3rd, 2011 by

Building owners are constantly looking for opportunities to conserve energy and reduce operating costs, especially in the current economic environment.  A building energy audit is[...]

What Happens During A Residential Energy Audit

Posted on January 3rd, 2011 by

You have decided to have an energy audit performed to determine the cause of your home’s energy related problems.  You have researched companies, checked references[...]

Energy Efficient Audit Is The First Step To Building A Road Map

Posted on January 2nd, 2011 by

Home Energy Audits Is the temperature between two rooms in your home significantly different? Do your energy bills remain high even when you make a[...]

Tips For Choosing the Right Energy Service Company

Posted on December 28th, 2010 by

While solar panels, geothermal systems and other renewable technologies are arguably the best long-term route to energy independence and lower costs, installing these systems before[...]