Chicago Orders 280 EV Charging Stations

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The windy city puts in an order for 280 new electric vehicle charging stations, the DOE and Masdar to jointly test a new solar PV module design and the Department of Defense is working with FlexEnergy to convert landfill gas to renewable energy.

Chicago Invests in EV Infrastructure

Chicago is building 280 charging stations in an effort to build a reliable electric vehicle infrastructure. The stations will be designed by 350Green near shopping malls, the city’s busy airport and rest stops long the Illinois Tollway. Chicago is among the top ten cities for hybrid owners and the charging stations will help encourage the adoption of more plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. In the meantime, the cars of ComEd, another Chicago utility, will use the charging stations.

DOE and Masdar Cooperate for New PV Module

The U.S. DOE and Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy project, Masdar City are going to collaborate to test out a new solar PV module that is designed to avoid moisture and cementation problems caused by dry dust adhesion. The specially coated solar modules were developed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory with technical input from Masdar. The current collaboration reflects Masdar’s strong partnerships with commercial entities and academic institutions in the United States.

FlexEnergy’s Technology Used by Defense Department

FlexEnergy announced its new Powerstation technology that will allow the Department of Defense to convert its landfill gas into renewable energy. The technology will be implemented at the Fort Benning, Ga. Base where two powerstations will be delivered to convert landfill gas to a usable energy source. The current testing facility in Riverside County, California is a small 10-ton unit that can power up to 30 homes in the community. The proposed 250-kW Fort Benning plant can provide electricity for 250 homes.

Honeywell Developing Smart Grid Project in China

Honeywell is developing China’s first smart grid project to study the energy use in commercial buildings, also called demand-side management. The project is supported by a grant signed between the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute. The project will connect State Grid and its customers in an effort to automatically adjust electricity consumption depending on the energy supply and demand. This is important for commercial and industrial facilities because they are responsible for 70 percent of worldwide energy use, according to Honeywell.

EnerSys Enters Lithium Battery Market

EnerSys now has a stake in the lithium-ion battery business with its purchase of ABSL Power Solutions from CIP Industries. ABSL supplies lithium-ion batteries for applications in defense and aerospace for the past decade. ABSL batteries power over 70 space satellite systems as well as the technology used in various space missions. The company boasts annual revenues of $30 million.

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