China Activates 19th Nuclear Power Plant Amid Construction Push

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China Activates 19th Nuclear Power Plant Amid Construction Push

China fired up its 19th nuclear power plant as the country pushed to more than double its expansion of atomic power generation this year. The Ningde No. 2 reactor in the southern province of Fujian started operations last May 4. The facility is owned by China General Nuclear Power, the country’s biggest nuclear producer having a 62 percent share of China’s installed nuclear capacity. China may need to import more than 80 percent of its uranium by 2020, compared with about 60 percent currently.

Africa to Quadruple Renewables, Says Irena

Africa’s renewable energy capacity is anticipated to quadruple to about 120 GW by 2030 if investors dedicate substantial funds to the region, says the International Renewable Energy Agency. Adnan Amin, Irena’s director general said that the technical potential of renewable energy resources is huge. The question now is how to create the business case, he adds. The continent’s renewable energy capacity in 2012 was 30.5 GW most from hydroelectric power facilities, alongside conventional generation capacity of about 110 GW.

Germany Must Swap Gas for Coal to Meet Green Goals, Says Study

Expansion of renewable energy capacity will still not be enough to meet Germany’s climate goals unless it also replaces coal-fed facilities with cleaner natural-gas-fueled plants, according to a new study by Enervis Energy Advisors GmbH. The reason is that old coal units, the biggest contributor to pollution, are running at full capacity, delaying or canceling investments in more efficient gas units, Enervis adds. Germany is debating how it can reach its environmental goals as utilities ramped up its use of lignite, the dirtiest type of coal. Coal-powered generation in the country rose to 45% percent last year, the most since 2007.

US Battery-Electric Transit Bus Sets Record for Miles Driven

Proterra, a South Carolina company that produces all-electric buses, has set a record for most miles traveled in one day by a battery-powered electric transit bus. One of the company’s buses drove more than 700 miles in 24 hours in a road test using routes that simulate commuter and central business district environment, running at an average speed of 29 miles per hour.  The vehicle has an average fuel economy of around 27 miles per gallon – nearly six times that of a diesel bus. The bus was charged periodically throughout the day using Proterra’s proprietary fast-charging system, which can charge from 0% to 95% in as little as 6 minutes.

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