China to Build More Renewable Facilities than U.S. , EU and Japan Combined

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China to Build More Renewable Facilities than U.S. , EU and Japan Combined

According to the International Energy Agency, China is expected to build more clean-energy plants through 2035 than the U.S., EU and Japan combined.  IEA said in its recent World Energy Outlook report that the share of energy sources which include biomass, hydropower, solar and wind in world electricity supply will rise above 30% in the mentioned period.  Solar PV and wind technology will enhance clean-energy output by 45%, helping it account for almost half of the increase in worldwide power generation through 2035, the IEA adds.

India to Invite Bids for 1 GW Solar Project by March

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., India’s biggest power-equipment maker, plans to invite bids by March to construct a 1 GW solar power plant as the Indian government looks to curb the cost of solar though the promotion of big-scale projects. Leading a six-company venture, Bharat Heavy intends to auction a contract for the construction in the next four months. India, which currently suffer from peak-hour power shortages in some states, is starting a program of large-scale renewable projects to diversify its energy mix and reduce a current-account deficit aggravated by fuel imports.

UK Consumers Faces Higher Utility Bills to Fund Infra, Says NAO

U.K. consumers can expect their energy bills to increase by 18% and a 28% water bill real-terms rise by 2030, according to projections by the National Audit Office. According to the NAO, the176 billion-pound ($280 billion) cost of new infrastructure investment will have to be re-compensated back from customers. The severity of poverty experienced by those at the bottom would worsen as power bills accounts for 9.8 percent of the spending of the 10%of households with the lowest incomes, while water bills make up 5.3%.

Mitsubishi Looks to Have 20% if Its Vehicles to Be Electric By Decades End

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has released its latest business plan that is centered around several key strategies that are focused on eco-car technologies and the development of next-generation technology. The company believes that electric vehicle innovation plays a significant role in complying with environmental regulations, thus fueling the Japanese car-maker’s drive to increase its production ratio of EV and PHEV vehicles to 20% by the end of the decade. The company is scheduled to introduce three new hybrid vehicles, including two plug-in hybrid electric cars at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

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