City of Keller’s Energy Sustainability Initiatives

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What is Keller’s Energy and Sustainability strategy?

The City of Keller’s mission is to improve efficiency in our community through the implementation of procedures that reduce waste, conserve resources, and provide environmental education. The city works diligently to conserve and reduce the consumption of energy in all city facilities. Through various programs and volunteers, the City of Keller is committed to “Growing Green.” The City has taken the steps to form two employee volunteer programs, the Keller Improvement Team, or KIT, and the Conservation Work Group.  These two groups of city employees work hard at greening the community from the inside out.

 How much energy does the city spend on energy costs each year?

In Fiscal Year 2011, the City of Keller spent $1.3 million on energy costs.

What political tools can you take advantage of that will help you make your city more sustainable/energy efficient?

There are several tools that the City of Keller can use to make our city more sustainable and energy efficient. One tool is working with our refuse and recycling company to promote recycling and education information throughout the community. The City is also a member of a power aggregate that purchases power in large blocks to ensure the lowest price for city facilities. A portion of the power purchased by this aggregation is clean energy. The City of Keller also received a Chevron Energy Solutions grant to update existing facilities’ light and restroom fixtures to reduce consumption. City staff are constantly in search of new opportunities to make our community more efficient and sustainable.

What can businesses do to help the city achieve success?

Keller businesses can play an active role in achieving successful energy efficient environmental initiatives. We encourage businesses to implement creative solutions that will have a lasting impact on sustainable living in our community. An example includes local businesses such as Kohl’s Department Store that have initiated environmentally-friendly services like electric car charging stations. The City encourages everyone to join us in making Keller a better place to live, work, grow, and play.

Written by Mayor Pat McGrail. McGrail was elected as Mayor of Keller, Texas on May 2007.

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