Containment Dome Reaches Oil Spill Site & LA Becoming Electric Vehicle Headquarters

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The operation to lower the containment dome over the oil leak has begun, GE to help build the world’s largest biogas project based on cow manure, and Los Angeles becoming the new headquarters for electric vehicle start-ups.

BP workers have finally completed work on an oil containment dome that will be used in an attempt to curb the major oil leaks at the bottom of the Gulf. BP, which is responsible for stopping the leak and covering the damages caused by the oil spill shipped the four-story-high containment dome to the spill site and will start the process of lowering this 100ton structure 1 mile to the sea floor. If the drop is successful, then the containment dome will collect the leaking oil and deposit it in a ship on the surface. But getting the large structure into just the right location could take several days because this operation has never before been attempted at the depth of approximately 5,000 feet.

GE’s Ecomagination division has announced that their Jenbacher biogas engines have been selected to power the world’s largest cow manure based biogas project. Once built, the plant will convert the manure from 250,000 cows into 38,000 MWh of electricity a year. Not only will this effort help curb the rising energy consumption in the country, but the new facility will also reduce up to 180,000 of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

In the latest in a series of decisions that are slowly making California into the new electric vehicle hub, this week Chinese automaker BYD announced that their North American headquarters will be in Los Angeles and not Detroit. The automaker began selling its first plug-in hybrid vehicle, the F3DM, just this week but the company also manufactures its own electric vehicle batteries. Fisker Automotive and Tesla are also electric vehicle manufacturers who have chosen to locate their headquarters in California.

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