Deregulation’s Role in the Green Energy Movement

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Deregulation is a familiar term for American consumers. Whether you’re thinking of the airlines, the banks or the communications world, the process of deregulating and decentralizing some of our largest industries isn’t all that fresh of a concept. But there’s a reason it’s brought up time and time again: it seems to work.

Now that certain energy markets around the country are deregulated, people have the ability to choose their electricity supplier instead of trusting the entirety of their electric service to a predestined local utility company. These independent electricity suppliers come in all shapes and sizes, so sorting through their features and packages is probably the most important thing you can do as an educated consumer.

When you’re thumbing through suppliers, one of the most encouraging things you’ll notice is that so many of them offer a green energy package. And often times they’ll offer more than one green energy package. Look at the energy facts label for each plan; it should be pretty easy to find on any supplier’s website. That’s where you’ll be able to parse apart the breakdown of a green energy plan. It could be a partial green product; it could be a totally green product. It could incorporate wind energy; it could incorporate solar energy. There are a lot of different ways to go green thanks to deregulation.

So that’s the gist of it, in so many words. Deregulation opens up a competitive market for energy producers and consumers, and that open market inherently promotes more renewable solutions. If you’re part of a deregulated market and haven’t taken the time to look around at your options, do so today. You never know what kind of green-savvy deals you could be missing out on.

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