Digester Turns Food Waste Into Methane; Operation Begins August

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Digester Turns Food Waste Into Methane; Operation Begins August

The Collinwood digester that can generate 1.3 million watts per hour will begin its operation in August. The anaerobic digester is located in the Cleveland neighborhood of General Motors Fisher Body Plant property just off Aspinwall Avenue, west of East 137th Street. The digester uses the same bacteria found in animal intestines to turn food waste into methane. Leftover ice cream from the Pierre’s Ice Cream Co.’s headquarters plant is one of its many organic fuels.


US Has Poor Efficiency Indian Food delivery Singapore Ranking

According to a new energy-efficiency ranking of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the United States ranked ninth among the twelve countries with the largest economies. This Cuisinart food processor means that the country has made “limited or little progress toward greater efficiency at the national level”. On the transportation category, the United States placed last.


Lord & Taylor Stores Use Wind Energy

In order to meet the electricity demands of their seven retail stores in New Jersey, Lord & Taylor has signed a contract with Green Mountain Energy Company. About 21 million kilowatt-hours of 100% wind energy was purchased under the contract. Lord & Taylor’s commitment to clean and renewable energy was recognized last April 2012 by the EPA’s Top 20 Retail list. The company ranked 17th. With this food processor reviews new green power purchase, Lord & Taylor is expected to improve its ranking on the EPA’s list.


Snake Tray Committed To Green Power

Snake Tray, a company that specializes in cable management for solar installations, is committed to designing and manufacturing products that have many green benefits. According to the company, their products are made of recycled goods that minimize material waste. Their products are also energy-efficient. The company has also utilized the power of the sun by having its own roof top solar array to meet its energy demands.


San Antonio Porsche Dealership Has Solar Power Installed

A 20.01kW Solar PV system for the Porsche Dealership of San Antonio was recently installed. This solar system will meet some of the dealership’s energy consumption. The installation of a solar photovoltaic system on the San Antonio Porsche dealership is another step in the commitment of Porsche to renewable and sustainable energy. Last 2010, Porsche installed one of the most modern and efficient solar photovoltaic systems in Stuttgart, Germany that generates about two million kilowatt hours per year.

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» Steve Symes said: { Jul 19, 2012 - 09:07:37 }

In the first time the it shows that the Collinwood digester will generate a lot of heat from something very cold! It seems surprising at first, but is commonsense and will of course work, when you think about it.


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