Drillers Illegally Used Diesel For Hydraulic Fracturing, Says Report

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Drillers Illegally Used Diesel For Hydraulic Fracturing, Says Report

A new report by the Environmental Integrity Project, reveals that several oil companies have been illegally using diesel fuel in their fracking operations. And then doctoring records to hide violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act – an act that requires drillers to obtain permits and conduct water quality tests, when they intend to use diesel in their fracturing operations. The report found that between 2010 and July 2014 at least 351 wells were hydraulically fracked by 33 different companies using diesel fuel without a permit.

Suniva’s 200MW Solar Factory Breaks Ground in Michigan

Suniva, a solar PV cell and module maker, has just begun construction on its 200MW solar factory in Saginaw Township, Michigan. The solar factory is projected to create 350 construction and operation jobs.  Marc Rogovin, Vice President of Corporate services at Suniva, says that Michigan is the ideal location for their factory citing the region’s rich manufacturing history. Rogovin adds that the state’s favorable logistical location will make easier for them to move their products.

Hanwha Q CELLS Completes its First Solar Power Plant in Portugal

Hanwha Q CELLS announced the completions of its first solar power project in Portugal. The solar park located in the south-eastern part of Lisbon, features 51,000 of Q CELLS’ modules and has been fully connected to the grid. The 13.3 MW plant has the ability to provide clean energy to around 5,475 households annually. Hanwha said that it was able to build the plant in just five weeks, which significantly reduced cost and ensures earliest possible yields, thus enabling a quicker return on investment.

UK Gas Climbs After Attack on Russian Convoy in Ukraine

UK spot natural gas spiked as much as 6.5, the highest level in almost two months, as a drop in wind power generation added demand for the fuel. Later-dated contracts piled as Ukraine attacked an armed Russian convoy.  The conflict between the two nations is fueling concern about Russian gas supplies through Ukraine, which meets about 15 percent of Europe’s demand, will be disrupted this winter.

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