Duke Energy and ENN Collaborate on Green Cities Initiative

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Duke Energy and ENN working together on green cities project, Florida shopping center become one of the state’s top five rooftop solar farms and LED Suppliers meet at a special summit.

Duke Energy and ENN Working Together on Green Cities Project

Duke Energy and the Chinese-based ENN Group have agreed to work together to develop greener cities in China and the U.S. The companies will work with advanced energy, building and transportation technologies to improve cities. ENN wants to develop clean energy in China by creating the country’s first smart energy “eco-city” in Langfang, China. Duke will collaborate on this project and use the experience domestically to improve clean energy in the United States. The companies want a green city that generates electricity with low emissions, is energy efficient, has energy storage capability, energy recovery capacity and is electric vehicle-friendly.

Florida Shopping Center- One of FL’s Top Five Rooftop Solar Farms

The roofs of a Florida grocery store complex will soon become a 1,500 panel solar farm. The Publix-centered shopping center in Gainesville, Florida will be home to a 46,000 square-foot rooftop installation that aims to be one of the five largest rooftop systems in the state. The 350 kW system atop The Exchange shopping area will be online by this year. The local utility, Gainesville Regional Utilities, will buy the power as a part of its feed-in tariff program.

LED Suppliers Meet at Summit

LED light suppliers met for a summit at Satellite Beach, Florida last week under the leadership of Lighting Science Group Cooperation. The meeting’s purpose was to connect the executives of the leading American company with the heads of their suppliers in order to strengthen relations in the Lighting Science Group’s manufacturing supply chain. “During the last year we have seen dramatic growth in our business and we could not have accomplished this without our strategic supplier relationships,” said John Stanley, chief operating officer of Lighting Science Group. Lighting Science Group’s products are saving money for consumers and businesses ranging from the International Space Station to the Times Square Ball

Exergetic Energy and Specialized Services Merge

Exergetic Energy Inc. and Specialized Services Inc. have reached a stock merger agreement that was officially filed December 29, 2010. The combined company will go by the former’s name and will operate as an integrated oil company in Detroit, MI. The new organization will work as both a renewable and non-renewable energy services and supply company.  Exergetic Energy has a strong focus in renewables with particular strengths in engineering and research. With the merger, the new combined company will be able to work with non-renewables as well.

FlexEnergy Completes Energy Systems Purchase

FlexEnergy has completed its acquisition of Energy Systems in Portland, NH. The former company is a cleantech enterprise that creates clean energy from greenhouse gasses. Energy Systems works with microturbines and recuperators New Hampshire. “The acquisition of Energy Systems allows FlexEnergy to accelerate our rollout of Flex Powerstations domestically and abroad by bringing to our team the talented engineering and manufacturing professionals of Energy Systems,” says Joseph Perry, CEO of FlexEnergy. The company recently demonstrated its Powerstation technology at the Lamb Canyon Landfill where unusable methane was transformed to clean energy. By acquiring Energy Systems’ new microturbine products, FlexEnergy can now offer systems with the lowest emission profile in the industry.

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