Duke Energy Obtains New Solar Project

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Duke Energy acquires a new solar project, Phillips Lighting presents their fourth quarter financials and how Georgia’s becoming one of the nation’s largest power producers.

Duke Energy Acquires Solar Project

Duke Energy has acquired a new solar project from SunPower in Hertford County, North Carolina. GreenCo Solutions has agreed to purchase renewable energy certificates while North Carolina Electric Membership Corp. plans to buy electricity from the project. The 6.4-MW Murfreesboro Solar Project will reach commercial operation later this year. It is expected to generate sufficient electricity to power 700 average homes. GreenCo’s 20-year purchase agreement enables it to buy renewable energy certificates from the facility so that the company can meet its Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard as mandated by the state. This project is Duke Energy’s third such undertaking in North Carolina.

Phillips Lighting Presents Q4 Results

Phillips Lighting announced the company’s fourth-quarter results with a net income of 465 million Euros, a EUR 205 million increase from the Q4 in 2009. Nominal sales were two percent higher as well. However, comparable sales declined four percent, presumable the reflection of a weakened consumer demand in Western European markets. Notably, LED sales increased by 37 percent compared to 2009 standards, now accounting for 14 percent of the total lighting sales.

Georgia to Become Among the Nation’s Largest Power Producers

ArcLight Capital Partners and GE Energy Financial Services are collaborating with the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) to finance five Georgia natural gas-fired power plants. Together, these will become the largest fully independent power producers in the southern United States. ArcLight is the current owner and will divide 50 percent of the shares equally between GE and GIC. The five facilities are capable of producing 2,500-MW of power from their one combined cycle facility and four single-cycle factories.

LED Headlights Newest Gizmo for EVs

LED headlights are the newest necessities featured in energy-efficient vehicles. According Osram Sylvania, a prominent bulb manufacturer, replacing the current halogen lights with LEDs in electric cars can add six miles to their range. Furthermore, LEDs require up to 25 percent less energy than halogen bulbs in a car that runs off battery power—a little will go a long way. Though six miles seems trivial, for EV drivers, another six miles can lead to a charging station or the distance to work. The bulbs also have a longer lifespan, meaning they barely need replacement.

New Biomass Facility

Endicott Biofuels and KMTEX have signed an agreement to build a biorefinery in Port Arthur, Texas using Endicott’s G2 Clear biodiesel. The facility will have a 30-million-gallon-per-year capability and will provide clean fuel made from waste fats, oils and greases. The process will use inedible feedstocks to reduce oil dependency and meet renewable fuel targets.

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