Duke Energy’s 200 MW Top Of The World Wind Project Online

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Duke Energy nears 1,000 MW of wind generation with a new plant going online in Wyoming, how much offshore wind generation opportunity is available to the US, are Americans still favoring solar power and which rental car company is introducing all-electric Sedans to their lineup in 2011.

The 200 MW Top of the World Wind Project has been completed by Duke Energy and is now producing clean energy. The 110 turbine project, which is located near Casper, Wyoming, is expected to generate enough power for 60,000 homes. This project which is the utility’s largest project in Wyoming, puts the company’s total wind generation capacity at 935 MW. The goal is to hit 1,000 MW by the end of this year.

According to a recently released report by the National Renewable Energy Lab, the United States could utilize strong offshore wind capacity to generate 20% of its energy through wind by 2030. The report says that developing the offshore wind resource along U.S. coastlines and in the Great Lakes could generate up to 54 GW of offshore wind energy, $200 billion in new economic activity and more than 43,000 jobs. NREL cites that 26 states have the capability to take advantage of offshore wind generation but also admits that large financial barriers still stand in the way of many development projects.

An annual poll conducted by Kelton Research shows that 94% of Americans think that developing and using solar energy is important. This output remains fairly consistent with previous polls. In August 2009, 92% favored solar power while 94% saw the importance in the renewable energy in 2008.  And while four out of five (80 percent) think that Congress should allocate more federal dollars for the renewable energy sector, less than half (49 percent) of the people polled who are thinking about adding solar to their home or business plan to take action within the next 12 months. To see a full review of the poll finds, please visit http://www.schottsolar.com/us/news/top-news/article/for-third-consecutive-year-national-poll-shows-mo/

California-based CODA Automotive™ and Enterprise Rent-A-Car have announced a partnership in which up to 100 all-electric CODA Sedans™ will be introduced to rental car customers in 2011.  The CODA Sedan, which can go 90-120 miles on a single charge, will help Enterprise keep their commitment of reducing energy consumption and costs by 20 percent by 2015.

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