Duke Tests Reveal the Perils of Fracking

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Duke Tests Reveal the Perils of Fracking

Scientists from Duke have found potentially explosive levels of methane in some wells of Texas homes that are near gas-drilling operations that uses the hydraulic fracturing method. In one case, water coming out from one family home’s well ignite when a flame hits the spigot. According to Duke’s findings, the water from many homes in Weatherford, which is situated near fracking sites, contains methane that exceed the allowed safety level of 10 milligrams per liter. Duke has provided its data to homeowners and some of the results were also given to regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the state of Texas

Ohio AutoMaker Uses Wind for On-site Power Generation

Two 1.6 MW General Electric wind turbines recently went into operation is Honda Moto Co.’s factory in Russells Point, Ohio. ConEdison Solutions operates and owns the turbines and the car-maker purchases the electricity under a long term contract. Honda sees the turbines providing 10 percent of the plant’s power thus helping the company reduce its carbon footprint. This is the first major auto-factory in the U.S. to get a substantial amount of its power coming from on-site wind turbines.

Marubeni Expands, Acquires 100 MW Domestic Power Plant

Marubeni Corp., the biggest Japanese investor in electricity generation outside of utility companies, has purchased a power plant near Tokyo as the company looks to further expand its domestic presence. Marubeni recently said in a statement on its website that it has acquired F-Power Co., a 100 MW gas-powered plant. In March, Marubeni will also inaugurate an 81.5 MW solar farm in western Japan. The company also has its sights on building off-shore wind farms off the coast of Fukushima as well as operating 5 thermal plants in the Tokyo area by 2016.

2 Million Small-Scale Renewable Energy Installs Down Under

Clean Energy Regulator announced that Australia has reached its target of installing 2 million small-scale renewable energy systems – enough to power four major cities in the country.  Australia has reached the said target just eight months after the country achieved its one-millionth rooftop solar system installation. Accounting for 1.83 million is a combination of small scale rooftop PV and solar hot water, while 173,000 comes from air source heat pumps.

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