Ebay’s Power Center To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

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Ebay’s Power Center To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

EBay has turned to renewable energy fuel cells to power its data center. Bloom Energy will be the provider of the said fuel cells that use biogas from renewable organic waste. Aside from that, Ebay will also buy equipments from SunPower to build solar array installations for its main US data center.


BrightSource Wins Solar Trust’s California Power Plant

BrightSource Energy Inc. has outbid all other bidders  for an unbuilt Palen Solar Power Project in California owned by the now-bankrupt Solar Trust of America LLC. The Palen Solar Power Project is located in Desert Center, California. Once built and completed, it is expected to have a 500-megawatt generating capacity.


Japan Approves FITs

The Japanese Industry Minister, Yukio Edano, has finally approved Japan’s feed-in tariffs for renewable energy. The tariffs are among the highest in the world. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has estimated that the market for solar photovoltaic in Japan will be worth more than $10-Billion and even predicted that Japan will become the world’s second largest market for solar photovoltaic, overtaking Italy.


Tesla Motors Delivers First Electric Car After Surviving Crisis

Tesla Motors Inc. has delivered its first electric car designed and built solely in-house after surviving a cash crisis. The electric cars are priced at $105,400 and can go up to 265 miles per charge. More than 10,000 people have already made reservations for the electric cars.


Uruguay’s Wind Power Estimated at 1,000-MW By 2015

Uruguay has increased their goal of wind-powered electricity to 1,000 megawatts in the coming years. The country also wants to capitalize on cheap turbine prices. Uruguay has committed to renewable energy after an auction last August where companies offered to sell wind energy rates at low prices.With these low prices, it is more than enough reason to develop wind energy in the country.

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