Echo Captures More Untapped Solar Energy

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As costs for energy continue to rise, installing a solar energy system could be one of the most important upgrades a home owner can make. If you are thinking of utilizing solar energy as a way of taking control of your energy costs, a more efficient option to consider is Echo, a revolutionary new solar energy system that delivers twice the energy of a basic solar electric (PV) system.

According to EchoFirst, the creator of Echo, their system is best online casino more efficient than a basic solar energy system that captures just 15% of the sun’s energy and only generates electricity. Echo captures 50% of the sun’s energy by harnessing the solar electric PV panels to generate not only electricity but also thermal energy for home cooling, home heating and water heating.

The technology behind Echo also delivers a cleaner installation than basic PV. Echo also helps create a healthier home environment by replacing stale indoor air with fresh filtered outside air 6-8 times a day.

In addition, Echo includes a state of the art monitoring system (see image below), and one of a kind iPhone ‘remote control’ that lets customers control their home thermostat from anywhere in the world.

Many people feel that solar energy is the way of the future. To learn more about how Echo gets you to the future faster, visit or watch this video that explains how Echo works:


Written by Joel Muratalla, Echo Outreach Team.



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