Empire State Building’s Sustainability Retrofit Program Achieves 2010 ENERGY STAR Certification

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Empire State Building’s Sustainability Retrofit Program Achieves 2010 ENERGY STAR Certification

The World’s Most Famous Office Building, has officially received its second ENERGY STAR certification by the US EPA. The new certification that the Empire State Building received signifies the success of building’s energy performance. Back in April 2009, the ESB, alongside President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, announced a $20 million sustainability retrofit aimed to reduce energy usage by more than 38 percent and save the building over $4.4 million each year. Key projects included the integration of tenant energy management systems and the refurbishment of the building’s existing 6,514 windows.

Virginia Gov. McDonnell signs deal to transition state fleet to alterative fuel vehicles
Governor Bob McDonnell has issued an executive order that promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles in Virginia. McDonnell wants to have a plan in place that would transition the states’ vehicle fleet to alternative fuel vehicles by the end of 2011. The governor is open to including electric, natural gas, biodiesel and other types of fuel mixes in the plan but feels that a road map must be established before Virginia can put this initiative into action.

J.D. Power Study shows Utilities Using Operational Improvements To Offset Residential Customers’ Frustration With Power Quality And High Prices

According to a new report released by J.D. Power and Associates, in 2010, utilities are using a positive response to operational improvements by residential electric utility customers to mitigate their dissatisfaction with power quality, reliability and price. The report, which is titled, 2011 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study(SM) studied six key categories; power quality and reliability; price; billing and payment; corporate citizenship; communications; and customer service. More than 98,000 people surveyed, used a 1-1000 scale was used to quantify the customer satisfaction in each category. The total average score was a 628, 2 points less than last years average score of 630. However, scores in communications and corporate citizenship factors achieved the greatest gains in 2011, each improving by six points from last year.


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