EPA And Chrysler Team Up To Research Hydraulic Hybrid Systems

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DOE working to promote energy development in tribal lands, Saint-Gobain working with a U.S.-China Building Organization and the EPA and Chrysler team up to research hydraulic hybrid systems.

DOE Working to Promote Energy Development in Tribal Lands

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is on board to promote energy development in tribal areas of the United States. In fact, Chu has allocated $10 million this year through the Department of Energy’s Tribal Energy Program to promote energy efficiency in tribal communities. The program aims to support development of renewable projects to improve economic situations in Native American lands. In accordance with these efforts, Chu has scheduled a Tribal Summit with American Indian and Alaska Native leaders on May 5, 2011. Of the $10 million, almost half is going toward energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. An additional $1.5 million will support planning and evaluation of energy resources and infrastructure. Details regarding funding can be found on the DOE’s Tribal Energy Program website.

Saint-Gobain Working with U.S.-China Building Organization

As President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao meet in Washington, a U.S.-China joint green building organization has selected Saint-Gobain, the world’s premier building products manufacturer to join its cause. The U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center for Building Energy Efficiency (CERC BEE) is one of three CERC initiatives in the United States and is dedicated to ensuring energy-efficient buildings in both the U.S. and China. Saint-Gobain will work with CERC BEE in research labs and share its building experience. The company can also provide technical support, supply materials and equipment and has its own research facilities to offer.  The partnership will kick off with Saint-Gobain teams working on research involving cool roofs and insulation materials.

EPA and Chrysler Team up to Research Hydraulic Hybrid Systems

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Chrysler Group are going to collaborate to research a hydraulic hybrid system for multiple-passenger cars and light-duty vehicles. The hydraulic hybrid system, developed by the EPA, is currently more industrial and can be found mainly in large delivery trucks and refuse vehicles. The companies aim to use their joint efforts in order to produce a smaller, less complex system that can deliver to everyday drivers smoothly.  Initially, research will focus on adapting the system to a Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

Here Enterprises Developing Wind Farm

Here Enterprises, a wind energy company, will develop energy harnessing facilities at the Cycle Ranch project. The company will use A&C Green Energy’s equipment to generate electricity at the wind farm. The turbines, inverters and poles will then be resold to residential, commercial industrial and agricultural consumers, providing the company additional revenue. Here Enterprises recently acquired Cycle Ranch in September 2010 and has now begun developing the project.

South Carolina’s First Volt

The Volt made an appearance in only seven U.S. market when it first launched in November last year. The car was remains unavailable in a number of states. For instance, Gary Davis will drive South Carolina’s first Chevy Volt this week. Davis is a partner at Nachman Norwood & Parrott, a wealth management consulting firm that installed a new solar panel on the roof of its downtown office. Davis’ car will run on electricity generated from this solar panel. Davis had to buy his car from Washington D.C. and wait nearly four months for it to be delivered. He also had to call numerous offices to ensure that a local Chevy dealer will be trained to solve any technical difficulties he may encounter.

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