First Solar Joins Developers Claiming Dumping Probe is Flawed

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First Solar Joins Developers Claiming Dumping Probe is Flawed

First Solar Inc., one of the biggest suppliers of PV panels in India, opposed court findings of a government probe that said U.S. and Asian suppliers dumped solar technology products in the local market. Their petitions claim that the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in its investigation rejected data submitted by overseas competitors of Indian PV producers. They also claim that the ministry failed to consider evidence showing that domestic producers do not enough local domestic production capacity to legally warrant an investigation. The probe began in 2012, after domestic makers accused international solar companies of selling products in India below cost.

Ohio Ready to Halt its Clean Energy Portfolio Standard

Ohio is debating a break from a 30-year campaign by 29 U.S. states to cut reliance on fossil fuels by promoting power from sustainable sources. The state House of Representatives is weighing legislation that would freeze for two years requirements that power companies generate electricity from renewable sources such as the sun and wind. The bill, already passed by the Senate, has the backing of Republican Governor John Kasich, saying that the renewable energy measures enacted in 2008 are too costly. Ohio’s law requires that by 2025, a quarter of electricity sold must be sourced from sustainable sources.

U.K. Urged to Accelerate Drax, SSE Carbon-Capture Plans

The U.K. should accelerate funding for carbon-capture and storage projects by Drax Group Plc and SSE Plc to jump-start a technology that is vital for climate protection, a panel of lawmakers said. With more carbon dioxide in fossil-fuel reserves than the world can safely allow to be released in the atmosphere, the government should fast-track funding decisions on Drax’s White Rose Project and SSE’s Peterhead plan, and encourage other projects by offering guaranteed power prices, says the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Germany Was Powered by 74% Clean Energy Last Weekend

According to think tank Agora Energiewende, Germany’s clean energy usage set a new record on Sunday when solar, wind, biomass and hydro energy supplied a bulk of the nation’s energy. Data supplied by the group shows that the combined contribution of renewable reached 43.54 gigawatts between noon and 1 p.m., equating to almost three quarters of the country’s demands. Agora has noted, however, that the inability of some baseload generators to switch themselves off meant that a record level of more than 10 GW of surplus energy at its peak was exported to neighboring markets.

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