Ford’s Energy Efficiency Challenge is Facebook Official

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See how your energy conserving habits can enter you to win a Ford electric experience. Plus, a Minnesota hotel becomes the first in the state to achieve Energy Star certification and Enersys lithium-ion batteries are heading to space.

Take Charge with Ford’s Social Media Energy Contest

Ford’s new “Take Charge” contest uses social media to encourage energy efficiency. Consumers can share what they are doing to conserve energy on the Electrified Vehicle Facebook page under four different categories. The winner of each category, the one with the most votes, will be awarded a Ford electric vehicle experience.  Those who accumulate votes can win badges for their submissions that can be shared on Facebook. Ford will also participate by sharing the steps the automobile company is making to save the environment and conserve energy. For example, it will list accomplishments such as the 41-mpg achieved by the Ford Fusion Hybrid under the “Gas Sipper” category.


Solar Water Heating System in California Housing

A solar water heating system has been installed at a local Housing Authority in the city of Alameda, California. The system, designed by SunWater Solar, is expected to meet 70 percent of the building’s hot water load. It was approved for a $42,785 rebate from the California Solar Initiative-Thermal to help offset the $139,000 cost of installation.


Best Western is First Minnesota Hotel to get Energy Star

Minnesota’s first hotel to achieve the coveted Energy Star label for energy efficiency is the Best Western Plus Shakopee Inn. The 65-room inn now performs in the top 25 percent of its class for energy efficiency. A number of changes were implemented to achieve the EPA’s Energy Star rating including LED lights in hallways and guestrooms, occupancy sensors to reduce energy use when no one is nearby and a drip irrigation system for landscaping.


Johnson Controls Improving Building Efficiency

Buildings account for up to 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the world and numerous companies are attempting to make them more energy efficient. Incentives such as Energy Star and LEED certification encourage efficient building. Johnson Controls announced its building efficiency projects have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 15 million metric tons since 2000. In fact, projects are expected to save $4.7 billion in reduced energy and operational costs over the next decade. The company has over 1,000 active projects including hospitals, public housing, universities and airports.


Lithium-ion Batteries Used in Spacewalk

Lithium-ion batteries were successfully delivered for use in the International Space Station. ABSL, recently acquired by EnerSys, was the first space flight battery maker whose lithium-ion cells were qualified for space flight over 10 years ago and the first to orbit a lithium-ion battery. The newest batch of batteries will replace older silver zinc batteries for spacewalks and will be able to operate with the existing equipment. The lithium-ion batteries will more than double the run time of the older batteries to increase efficiency and safety. They will be used for the first time in late April or early May 2011 for space activities.


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