G20 Nations To Be Ranked

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G20 Nations To Be Ranked

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) will be ranking the world’s biggest countries based on their deployment of renewable energy. The NRDC report will be released on the eve of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, June 11 at 10:30 AM EDT. There is a live question-and-answer session about the report and the need for more action on renewables at the Rio+20 Earth Summit and beyond.


Coral Gables City Already Part of Green Corridor District

Ygrene Energy Fund Florida is a provider of energy retrofit programs for local governments throughout the state. Recently, it has voted unanimously that  the City of Coral Gables be a part of South Florida’s Green Corridor PACE District. This makes Coral Gables the most recent of seven communities in Miami-Dade County to become part of the groundbreaking Green Corridor District. Cities that are part of the Green Corridor District can tap into more than $550 million of private capital funding for commercial building energy upgrades and wind hardening.


Energy-efficiency Law in Colorado Spurred $166M in Investments

Five years ago, the State of Colorado passed a law directing the Public Utilities Commission(PUC)  to set energy-efficiency plans for two investor-owned utilities, Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy. The PUC gave the commission the power to set efficiency goals, place a charge on electricity bills to fund efficiency programs and offer incentives for the utilities to cut consumption of the product they sell to make money. The utilities get quick recovery for energy-efficiency program costs and a percentage of the energy savings as a bonus.

According to the Boulder-based Southwest Energy Efficiency Program, the two utilities have spent more than $166 million on energy-efficiency programs since 2007, saving millions of kilowatt-hours each year.


UK and Iceland Signed Agreement About Geothermal Energy

The Energy Minister of the United Kingdom, Charles Hendry and the Finance Minister of Iceland, Oddny Haroardottir signed a memorandum of understanding about bilateral energy affairs, which includes an electricity connection as well as information-sharing on geothermal development. Both countries will support the development of the deep geothermal sector in the U.K.


NREL Helps Make Solar Panels Last

A solar panel on a rooftop will be exposed to environmental elements such as UV rays, rain, wind and hail. To make sure that solar panels can withstand these factors, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) improves the reliability of the photovoltaic panels that are being installed on rooftops.

NREL helps set standards for reliability and serves as a neutral third party in tests of manufacturers’ new solders, edge seals, and glues. NREL subjects solar panels to heat, humidity, and mechanical stress to simulate conditions in different places around the world.

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