Gamesa and Northrop Grumman Launch Offshore Wind Technology Center

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What some colleges are doing to make sure tomorrow’s work force is prepared to handle the energy challenges for the future, the launch of a new offshore wind tech center quickly follows federal investment in the industry and one Washington DC company replaces a 54-year old HVAC unit to achieve LEED Gold status.

Colleges Updating Degree Programs in Favor of Energy

The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology in Indianapolis is launching a new degree program called Energy Engineering. The degree combines chemistry, mechanical engineering, physics and electrical engineering classes. The track directly caters to the need for a well-educated workforce in the evolving energy sector. In accordance with national calls for improvements in energy and the green workforce, a number of universities have created a similar degree program. For example, the University of Georgia boasts a new Environmental Engineering program.

Gamesa and Northrop Grumman Launch Offshore Wind Technology Center

Following the recent announcement of greater investment in offshore wind energy by the US DOE, Gamesa has teamed with Northrop Grumman to launch a new Offshore Wind Technology Center so you can . The center strengthens the alliance between the wind giant and Northrop Grumman, America’s largest shipbuilder. By working together, teams will be able to address turbine reliability, maintain low maintenance on equipment and minimize the cost of generating power.

Company Achieves LEED Gold for Replacing HVAC Unit

A Washington company earned the LEED gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for replacing a 54-year-old heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in its headquarters. Avista’s five story building is being renovated with HVAC system upgrades, asbestos removal, ceiling replacement and installation of energy efficient lights and windows. All upgrades are expected to save over 1.4 million kWh of electricity and reduce energy costs by $149,000 annually. The LEED certification was achieved for HVAC upgrades that use an existing well-water system to cool the building rather than a mechanical system.

Mission NewEnergy Comes to US

Mission NewEnergy has opened new offices in San Antonio to establish the company’s presence in the U.S. market. The company’s past undertakings include an initiative that employs thousands of farmers in India to grow non-edible Jatropha seeds to use in biodiesel. Since the seeds are inedible, they do not affect food prices and the land used previously lay fallow. The company plans to use a similar approach, working at the grassroots to promote renewables in the United States.

Solar Powered Smart Whiteboard Graces African School

A school in rural Africa is using a solar-powered interactive whiteboard to provide students unique learning opportunities. Ecole Sinthiou Mbadane in Senegal received grant money from USAID to implement its CyberSmart solution. The board requires minimal electricity and is powered by a low cost solar energy system.  Teacher training is heavily emphasized by the program so that educators can use the boards effectively.

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