Gas Prices Rising Due To Middle Eastern Revolts

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Revolts across the Arab world could significantly raise worldwide gas prices, a landfill to become New England’s largest solar array, and Solar Rainbow to install 2.3 MW of solar power in New Jersey.

Oil and Gas Prices Rising with Increased Revolts

As revolutions and rebellions continue to unfold across the Middle East, the price of oil and gas is on the rise. Prices are up $0.75 per gallon in the time of year that gas prices are typically lowest. Further unrest in the region, when coupled with the forthcoming seasonal price boost, filling up can cost up to $4 or even $5 per gallon. Programs such as and are cropping up to offer protection to individuals and businesses. Consumers can lock in today’s prices, buy gas and save it for future use through these sites.

Landfill to become New England’s Largest Solar Array

A sealed landfill in Canton, Massachusetts is going to be transformed to New England’s largest solar array. The landfill closed 25 years ago and it will now be the home of a 5.6-MW solar panel installation built by Southern Sky Renewable Energy. The 24,000 panels are expected to be installed by 2012. The project will help Massachusetts reach its goal of installing 250-MW of solar power by 2017. The state currently boasts 76-MW.

Extreme Makeover Renovating for Energy Efficiency

The Hurston family got more than just a makeover for their new Coco, Florida home. When ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition renovated the Hurston home, they installed high-performance, ultra-efficient LED bulbs designed by Lighting Science Group. The company donated hundreds of Definity LED bulbs to ABC’s popular makeover show. The bulbs, Energy Star approved, are 80 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs. If coupled with the solar hot water heater, rooftop panels, and a wind turbine, the Hurston’s electric bill will be zero.

Solar Rainbow Installing 2.3-MW of Solar Power in NJ

Solar Rainbow Services is going to install 400,000 square feet of thin-film Uni-Solar panels on the rooftop of Jordache Enterprises, a New Jersey distribution center and warehouse. The laminates will be designed by United Solar and this project will be one of the company’s largest rooftop installations in the Northeast.  The 2.3-MW installation is expected to reach operational stage by the summer and it will create almost 1,500 megawatt-hours of electricity per year—enough to power 250 average-sized homes.

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