Geothermal Plants To Be Built Across Britain

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Geothermal Plants To Be Built Across Britain

Five 7-megawatts geothermal plants will be built by GT Energy in partnership with EON AG’s U.K. unit across Britain. The project is worth about 140 million pounds or about $219 million. The first plant, located in northwest England, is to begin its operation by 2014. The U.K. government last year started the Renewable Heat Incentive Program which subsidizes energy from geothermal, solar thermal and biomass generators. Thus, GT Energy and EON AG are taking advantage of this offer as well as to provide clean energy to British consumers.


Siemens To Make Bay City, Texas More Energy Efficient

The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry, Inc. has entered into a $9.3 million energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Bay City, Texas. The goal of this partnership is to provide citizens with a more sustainable, energy and cost-efficient infrastructure in the City. Planned improvements include installing more efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, improving the water system, reduce electricity consumption by as much as 30 percent and water consumption by as much as 70 percent.


Ygrene Commends San Diego’s Clean Energy Programs

Ygrene Energy Fund commends the City of San Diego for its commitment in clean energy. Now, San Diego has the potential to receive financing for commercial energy upgrades to further expand the City’s clean energy programs. According to Ygrene President Dan Schaefer, “San Diego is a leader in the state and the nation in implementing public policy tools that promote the health of our community. The City’s commitment to clean energy opens up tremendous opportunities to jumpstart economic growth and enhances its position as one of the most sustainable cities in America.”


TechnoSun Develops New Tracking Technology

TecnoSun Solar Canada Inc., has combined forces with TecnoSun Solar USA Inc. to tap into the North, Central and South American solar markets with a new tracking technology, EcoChamp. The new technology can give higher efficiencies as high as 40% for the commercial solar market. This means that if companies will avail of TechnoSun’s EcoChamp, they will have a higher return-on-investments. According to the company, EcoChamp has a quicker and less expensive installation, reduced land requirement, reduced production cost of energy, and lesser maintenance costs compared to other tracking technology.


“Momo” the Robot Can Build Solar Power Plants

A robot can now build solar power plants. The mobile assembly robot named “Momo” is the answer to automation options that developer PV-Kraftwerker have been looking for.  “Momo” will be presented for the first time in the USA at the Intersolar North America exhibition in San Francisco, Los Angeles. Previously, the robot has been showcased at the Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany. “Momo” can assemble photovoltaic units in large areas with difficult terrain.

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