GE’s Turbines Surpass 2 Million Fired Hours on Low Carbon-Intensity Fuels

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GE’s  Turbines Surpass 2 Million Fired Hours on Low Carbon-Intensity Fuels

GE’s  fleet of 47 heavy duty gas turbines operating on low British thermal unit (BTU) fuels has accumulated more than 2 million fired hours. Low BTU have significantly less heating values than natural gas. Examples include syngas, steel mill gases and dilute natural gas, which are lighter than natural gas and have less energy per unit volume.  Some of the turbines have been running on syngas or other fuels for more than a decade including a large coal-based IGCC facility in Florida and an Italian refinery. Others are newer installations operating at locations in the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Czech Republic, China, Middle East,and Singapore.

There Are Advancements in Clean Diesel Technology According to Latest EPA Report

There is no doubt about the benefits and importance of clean diesel technology in reducing black carbon emissions in the U.S.  The switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel coupled with advances in diesel engine design and emissions control technology led to fine particulate emissions elimination from new diesel vehicles and equipment in the U.S.

Today diesel engines are responsible for less than six percent of all particulate emissions in the U.S. Clean diesel technology with near zero emissions is standard equipment in nearly all off-road diesel vehicles and equipments.

Not only are the clean diesel engines near zero emissions, they are also achieving important gains in fuel efficiency which leads to valuable savings to owners and operators of new clean diesel engines.

More Geothermal Plants in Chile

Enel Green Power will be operating three more geothermal exploration concessions in Chile. Two of the concessions are in areas within 70 kilometers of Santiago and the third is 1,000 kilometers north of the nation’s capital. Enel Green Power now holds eight geothermal exploration concessions in Chile.

Geotermica del Norte,  a subsidiary of Enel Green Power, is close to entering the construction phase on a 40 MW facility in the region of Antofagasta in the northern part of Chile. Once completed, it will be the first geothermal facility in South America.

Brown Liquor and Solar Cells Used for Sustainable Energy

According to a new research at Linköping University, batteries of biological waste products from pulp mills could provide the solution for inexpensive electricity. Brown liquor is a by-product from the manufacturing of paper pulp and is largely composed of lignin, a biological polymer in the plant cell walls.

The researchers devised a thin film from a mixture of pyrrole and lignin derivatives from the brown liquor. The film, 0.5 microns in thickness, is used as a cathode in the organic solar cells’ battery.

Southwestern Energy Announces Creation of A New Division

Southwestern Energy Company established V+ Development Solutions. This new division will  identify and develop solutions for achieving the proper balance among the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Company’s activities.  V+Development Solutions particularly will focus on advancing the development of America’s abundant supply of domestic natural gas as an essential part of achieving a secure, low-carbon energy future.

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