Global Cleantech Cluster Association Announces 185 Nominations For 2011 Later Stage Awards

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The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), known as the global voice of cleantech, announced today 185 companies have been nominated for the 2011 GCCA Later Stage Award by 30 cleantech clusters from around the world. Nominations in 10 categories ranging from renewable energy and energy efficiency, to waste, water and green building were announced at the GCCA/EcoTech Quebec Cleantech for EcoCities Conference at EcoCity Montreal. Winners will be announced in Dublin on November 14th, hosted by the cleantech cluster An tSli Ghlas -The Green Way. Winning companies will receive international investment exposure and business support throughout 2012.

“We are thrilled to have such a strong list of nominated companies for the 2011 Later Stage Awards,” said Ben Taube, Chair of the GCCA. “Truly ground-breaking and innovative technologies are developed everyday across the world. We are pleased to highlight the very best and recognize them with partnership exposure among other benefits.”

Over next three months, the nominations will be judged on a variety of factors, from technology innovation and business strategy to their ability to execute. In addition to the 10 categories listed below, the three Most Impactful Technology awards will be given to companies that are improving the quality of life for people around the world, particularly in developing countries.

“With the Later Stage Awards we are moving the global cleantech needle forward,” said Shawn Lesser of Watershed Capital and co-founder of the GCCA. “Because of this type of global awareness, cleantech companies make it from localized markets into mainstream adoption.”

Of the 29 judges hand-selected for the Later Stage Award many are leading venture capital investors and entrepreneurs, including; Generationʼs Climate Solutions Fund (Al Goreʼs investment Firm), The Rockefeller Foundation, Dow Venture Capital, BASF Venture Capital and more.

“The list of judges is like a who’s who of cleantech investment. It’s a rare opportunity for these companies to introduce their technologies to nearly 30 investors all at once,” said Cal Hackeman, global leader for cleantech at Grant Thornton International, the top sponsor of the Later Stage Awards. “The GCCA’s Later Stage Award is a unique opportunity in the cleantech sector to showcase meaningful innovation and we are very proud to be a part of it.”

Nominations for the 10 Later Stage Award Categories

Advanced Materials

Areva Technology ecoConnect
Beneq Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Bioapply swisscleantech
Epigan Flanders Cleantech Association
Ethra French Cleantech
Genomatica CleanTECH San Diego
Melotte Flanders Cleantech Association
NIMTech MaRS Discovery District
NPSP Cleantech Business Club
Orthogonal The Clean Tech Center
Picosun Finnish Cleantech Cluster


Mercurius Biofuels Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Soy Works Corporation Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Synthezyme NYC ACRE
TreeMetrics An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way

Energy Efficiency

BaseN Corporation Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Capstone Turbine Corporation CleanTech Los Angeles
Crowley Carbon An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
dPoint Technologies GreenTech Exchange
Enfucell Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Greenview The Clean Tech Center
GridManager Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries
Haledyne The Clean Tech Center
Hydrostor MaRS Discovery District
ICE Energy Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Ikon Semiconductor An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
Infinirel Corporation Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Infinite Power Solutions Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
LEDtronics CleanTech Los Angeles
Light-Based Technologies GreenTech Exchange
Lumec Control Products Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
MCPhy Energy French Cleantech
MicroGen The Clean Tech Center
Nectar Partners The Clean Tech Center
Omnio swisscleantech
PCN Technology CleanTECH San Diego
PearlLED Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Power Generation Technologies Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
PowerGenix CleanTECH San Diego
Pulse Energy GreenTech Exchange
QM Power Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries
Quallion CleanTech Los Angeles
ReGreen Corporation CleanTech Los Angeles
Sunflower Daylighting Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Temporal Power MaRS Discovery District
Tendril Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Terra-Energy Flanders Cleantech Association
TEXX AG swisscleantech
The Paper Battery The Clean Tech Center
Topanga Technologies CleanTech Los Angeles
Viridity Energy Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Volts Energies Écotech Québec

Green Buildings

Active Warmth CleanTech BusinessClub
Albeo Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Carnot Refridgeration Écotech Québec
Cobiax swisscleantech
Coolerado Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Ecocem An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
Ecological NYC ACRE
Econation Flanders Cleantech Association
Machiels Buildings Solutions Flanders Cleantech Association
Neelogy French Cleantech
On-Ramp Wireless CleanTECH San Diego
Pavatex swisscleantech
Rakennusliike Reponen Finnish Cleantech Cluster
SCL Elements (Can2go) Écotech Québec

Renewable Energy

Alecon Systems Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Applied Biorefinery Sciences The Clean Tech Center
Arveni French Cleantech
AVA-C02 swisscleantech
Bing Energy Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Bio-Lub Canada Écotech Québec
Capricorn Flanders Cleantech Association
Chempolis Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Echogen Power Systems Akron Global Business Accelerator
ECOR CleanTECH San Diego
Enerkem Écotech Québec
Fermentalg French Cleantech
General Fusion GreenTech Exchange
GoVo Biofuels The Clean Tech Center
Hydrogenics MaRS Discovery District
Imperative Energy An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
Innoventé Écotech Québec
IntelliSyn The Clean Tech Center
Momentum Dynamics Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Nexterra Systems GreenTech Exchange
NovaThermal Energy Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Open Hydro An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
OPX Biotechnologies Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Sapphire Energy CleanTECH San Diego
SG Biofuels CleanTECH San Diego
Wavebob An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way


7C solarparken Flanders Cleantech Association
AE Polysilicon Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Amonix CleanTech Los Angeles
Ampulse Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Astroenergy CleanTech Korea
Day4 Energy Inc. Greentech Exchange
Ducatt Flanders Cleantech Association
Enfinity Flanders Cleantech Association
eSolar CleanTech Los Angeles
FemtoGrid member (financial contributing)
ISET Inc CleanTech Los Angeles
Linea Trovata Flanders Cleantech Association
Morgan Solar MaRS client
Novopolymers Flanders Cleantech Association
Prism Solar Technologies Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI)
Pure Solar Corp Chicago Cluster
Semi-Materials CleanTech Korea
Silicon Solar Solutions Chicago
Solaris Synergy Chicago Cluster
SolarNovar Cleantech Center
Solarprint Ltd The Green Way, Dublin
SolarReserve CleanTech Los Angeles
SOLART Ecotech Quebec
Sollega NYC ACRE
Spectrolab, a Boeing Company CleanTech Los Angeles
Sustainable Energy Technologies MaRS client
Verengo Solar CleanTech Los Angeles


Achates Power CleanTECH San Diego
Arcimoto Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Balqon Corporation CleanTech Los Angeles
BlackGold Biofuels Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Bluways Flanders Cleantech Association
Boulder Electric Vehicle Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Coda Automotive CleanTech Los Angeles
EVPlugSite The Clean Tech Center
Flyer swisscleantech
Green Power Technologies Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
MCE 5 Development French Cleantech
Minix French Cleantech
Proterro Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Proviron Flanders Cleantech Association
Rapid Electric Vehicles GreenTech Exchange
SAM Group swisscleantech
VanDyne SuperTurbo Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
Ventech Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Westport Innovations GreenTech Exchange


Akkuser Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Anellotech NYC ACRE
Biothermica Technologies Écotech Québec
Cross Wrap Finnish Cleantech Cluster
ecoATM CleanTECH San Diego
Glass Recycling Technologies Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Newalta Corporation Écotech Québec
PMC Biotech Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
PolyFlow Akron Global Business Accelerator
Rediscovery Centre An tSlí Ghlas – The Green Way
Synthetic Genomics CleanTECH San Diego
Vadxx Energy Akron Global Business Accelerator


ABS Materials Akron Global Business Accelerator
Aqua-Nu Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Clewer Marketing Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Eole Water French Cleantech
Flo-Matic Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
FogBusters Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
Liberty Hydro Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic
Magpie Polymers French Cleantech
MAR Systems Akron Global Business Accelerator
Midas Technologies UK CEED
Paradigm Environmental GreenTech Exchange
Portapure Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
PremierTech Environmental Technologies Group Écotech Québec
Rentricity NYC ACRE
Saltworks Technologies GreenTech Exchange
Smixin swisscleantech
Trunz swisscleantech
Water Canary NYC ACRE


Acrosoma Flanders Cleantech Association
C-FEC ecoConnect
Endurance Wind Power GreenTech Exchange
Luethi Enterprises ecoConnect
Moventas Finnish Cleantech Cluster
Wind Products NYC ACRE
Wysips French Cleantech

About the Global Cleantech Cluster Association
Global Cleantech is a non-profit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. that creates conduits for companies to harness the tremendous benefits of international cleantech cluster collaboration in an efficient, affordable, and structured way. Global Cleantech provides a gateway for established and emerging cleantech companies to gain exposure to potential investors, new markets, influential networks, innovative technologies and best practices. GCCA was founded by Swisscleantech, the Finnish Cleantech Cluster, and Sustainable World Capital.

About Grant Thornton International
Grant Thornton International is one of the world’s leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms providing assurance, tax and specialist advisory services to privately held businesses and public interest entities. Clients of member and correspondent firms can access the knowledge and experience of more than 2,500 partners in over 100 countries and receive the same distinctive, high quality and personalised service wherever they choose to do business. Grant Thornton International strives to speak out on issues that matter to business and which are in the wider public interest and to be a bold and positive leader in its chosen markets and within the global accounting profession.

Written by Shawn Lesser, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Atlanta-based Watershed Capital Group – an investment bank assisting sustainable fund and companies raise capital, perform acquisitions, and in other strategic financial decisions. He is also a Co-founder of the GCCA Global Cleantech Cluster Association ”The Global Voice of Cleantech”. He writes for various cleantech publications and is known as the David Letterman of Cleantech for his “Top 10″ series. He can be reached at

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