Global Panel Shortage Seen Due to Solar Boom

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Global Panel Shortage Seen Due to Solar Boom

The solar industry is facing an impending shortage of PV panels, ending a two-year slump caused by oversupply. The global glut pushed prices down, making solar power more competitive and driving up demand, but with installations expected to spike by as much as 29 percent this year, many are bracing for the first shortfall since 2006. The industry may install as much as 52 GW this year and 61 GW next year. That is up from 40 GW in 2013, and more than seven times what developers demanded half a decade ago.

SunPower Starts Solar Leasing Program for Australian Homes

SunPower Corp., the second-biggest solar manufacturer, had begun a solar leasing program in Melbourne, targeting residential rooftops. SunPower will install solar panels for homeowners with no money down. Residential customers will receive power at a cost-competitive rate for 25 years. The recent development comes after an announcement made by SunPower and Google Inc. in April that they will be creating a $250 million program to finance residential solar lease projects.

Clenergy Wins Equipments Bid in Pakistan’s Largest Solar Power Project

Clenergy International has teamed-up with TBEA SunOasis to initially supply mounting equipments for the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Pakistan’s biggest solar power project. The proposed 1,000 MW project will have 100 MW installed by the end of the year, while the project is seen to achieve its full capacity by 2016. The progress on the flagship power project would help alleviate the Pakistan’s acute power shortages as hydro and thermal power sources struggles to generate enough power to meet demand.

Scottish Whiskey Distillery To Be Powered By Combined Heat and Power Plant

Scotland’s Macallan whisky distillery is about to get most of its heat requirement from a combined heat and power plant part-funded by the government.  The maker of Scotland’s national liquor will get about 90 percent of the steam it needs in the distillation process from the $124 million Estover Energy Ltd biomass project in Speyside. The project should produce enough power to provide electricity to 20,000 households. It will also create 123 jobs, including 23 permanent roles.




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