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Two heads are better than one, there is strength in numbers, anyone supporting the go green revolution should do one thing by the end of this month; form an investment club. Information is the key in today’s world, especially in America. The first precaution; you don’t have to invest actual money. Step one; find go green supporters. Step two; designate a time and place to meet on a regular basis (say Doug’s house every second Tuesday at 8pm). Come together and discuss the green businesses members have taken note of. Step three; come to an agreement on those perceived to succeed and create a mock portfolio to track them.

Doing this will reap multiple benefits for members. Not only will it add to the business acumen it will increase awareness of green trends, form a social network stimulating interaction, and ideally form a foundation for all members to either as a group or individually begin to support green business and reap financial reward for green success.

It is of no consequence what level of previous green or investing knowledge members have going in, in fact a nice range of knowledge would be ideal. Perhaps one person will have large reserves of the science of green knowledge and another with little green knowledge but vast investment experience, the greater the difference the better the result. This will stimulate conversations seemingly off topic but yielding new ways to think and traverse the developing field of green investing.

The ability to use the ample resources available today to create a mock portfolio and track performance will provide immediate results for predictions and data to test hypothesis. The best outcome will be multiple failures and multiple successes creating a set of criteria used to judge these stocks. As we all know the market changes daily, and the green market has been around such a short period of time research is minimal at best on what businesses can do to succeed and what investors can target to generate wealth.

There are two things the need to be monitored within this group; first group think must be avoided. Group think is a phenomenon where a suggestion can be made and the group goes along with it to avoid confrontation (very shallow summation). It can lead to incredibly bad ideas being adopted. Second, no one person can take over the group. Surely the group will find a natural leader that flows the topics and conversations; however, this person cannot formulate decisions for the group.

Overall, if this standard is met members will gain a solid social experience while gaining valuable knowledge of how the go green revolution is fairing, how to better proceed with the go green trend, and how to invest, be it green or not.


Written by: Benjamin H. Childers

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This is why I need friends.

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