GSEA Applauds Decision to Increase Solar Energy

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GSEA Applauds Decision to Increase Solar Energy

The Georgia Solar Energy Association (GSEA) commends the Public Service Commission for its move in voting to further advance solar development in the state. The commission voted unanimously to authorize an additional 210 megawatts of solar energy to the Georgia Power portfolio. Best of all, 90 megawatts will be allocated to the growing residential solar projects in addition to utility-scale development.GSEA comprises of leading experts in solar manufacturing, installation, academia and finance, is leading the effort in Georgia to promote solar energy through education, advocacy and industry support.

Hydro Ottawa Completes Purchase of Chaudiere Falls Hydroelectric

Hydro Ottawa, the largest municipally-owned producer of green power in Ontario, has completed the purchase of three hydroelectric plants from Domtar Corporation for $46 million. This gives Hydro Ottawa a 38.3 percent interest in the Ring Dam and remaining water rights at Canada’s oldest surviving hydroelectric facilities at Chaudiere Falls.With this purchase, Hydro Ottawa’s hydroelectric generating capacity will increase to 38 megawatts, enough energy to meet the annual energy needs of 28,000 residents. The transaction also gives the company expansion opportunities to grow as much as 60 megawatts.

Louisiana Natural Gas Industry Helps Drive America’s Re-Industrialization

Louisiana’ natural gas industry is indeed thriving. The state has been recognized as a prime location for new business development.  Currently, chemical companies such as Shell and BASF depend on the state’s large supply of natural gas. The state’s latest investor is Methanex – the world’s largest methanol supplier.  In two years time, this $550 million project is expected to house a one million metric ton methanol plant. In the past year, capital investment projects, amounting to billions of dollars, have already been announced and should continue to grow to as much as $50 Billion within the next four years. With this projected growth, some are saying that Louisiana is leading the way in the “re-industrialization of America”.

Western Connecticut State University goes Clean and Green

In January, the already recognized green building of Western Connecticut State University, will become far cleaner and cheaper to run.  The University has signed a 10-year contract with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to supply green energy to the campus via its fuel cell technology. UTC will manufacture, maintain and sell 400-kilowatts of energy to the University. The cost of this infrastructure improvement will be far lower than what the university is now paying to light and heat the building. Fuel cells convert natural gas and oxygen into energy without any combustion, hence, much less pollution. The partnership with UTC will not only make the University run cleaner, but will also realize a $25,000 savings in its electricity bills.

San Mateo’s SolarCity, Expected to IPO this Year

San Mateo solar installer SolarCity expects to debut in the public market before the end of the year after it has suffered delays cause  by superstorm Sandy.  The company has filed for a $200 million IPO in October and is expected to begin its investor roadshow after Thanksgiving holiday. SolarCity is hailed as green energy’s most promising IPO candidate since the electric car Tesla Motors’ debut in 2010. Installation of solar systems has grown rapidly because customers are allowed to lease the system through monthly payments, thus, avoiding the hefty upfront costs of an outright purchase.


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