Honda Unveils New Accord Hybrid

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Honda test a new all-electric prototype, an update in the advancement in fuel cell technology for buses, and 152-MW Wind farm project ready to go in Oklahoma.

Honda Unveils New PHV

Honda’s new plug-in hybrid, the Accord demonstrator, is in its early-stages as a prototype and will be launched in 2013. The car can take short, frequent trips in all-electric mode. The hybrid system uses a two-motor system that shifts between three modes for maximum efficiency. The first of these, an all-electric mode, uses a 6kWh lithium-ion battery and a 120KW electric motor. This mode can go up to 15 miles of in-city driving at a speed of 62 mph. Recharging the battery takes up to 4 hours on a 120V outlet.

FTA Selects Ballard Power Systems to Power Buses under National Fuel Cell Bus Program

Ballard Power Systems announced the company’s intention to work with four system integrators to advance fuel cell bus commercialization and reduce the use of fossil fuels. The company will participate in four Federal Transit Administration projects to develop fuel cell buses under the National Fuel Cell Bus Program. The federally funded program aims to reduce the cost of fuel cell buses so that there is a greater demand for them. One of their modules will produce 150kW of power and the other three will produce 75kW.  Transit buses in Alabama, Illinois, Ohio, and South Carolina will then be fitted with the zero-emission fuel cells.

CPV Renewable Completes Keenan II for Commercial Operation

CPV Renewable Energy Company announced the completion of construction and testing of the Keenan II wind farm in Oklahoma. The 152-megawatt project is now capable of delivering renewable energy for the electric grid. The project is the second phase of a wind generation project with the potential of producing 350-megawatts. CPV sold the first Keenan wind farm to Oklahoma Gas & Electric and the second farm has entered a 20-year power purchase agreement with the same utility. Keenan II holds 66 Siemens wind turbines, each capable of 2.3 MW. The electricity produced is expected to power 45,000 average Oklahoma homes. CPV is also working on a 200-MW Ashley wind farm in Kansas and another 165-MW Cimarron wind farm in North Dakota.


Organic Bakery Planned Rooftop Solar Array

The Alvarado Street Bakery in Petaluma, California has planned a solar power array to supply the organic bakery with solar power. The array is expected to meet at least 40 percent of the establishment’s energy needs. The project involves the installation of 1,722 solar panels on the 1.5-acre roof of the bakery. Sharp solar panels on the rooftop array will provide the business with 404-kW of energy. The bakery will use Sharp’s NU-235F1 solar modules.

Sunvalley Solar Works with Green Farm Solar Plan

Sunvalley Solar plans to continue work on its Green Farm Solar Investment Plan in multiple California cities. The company’s plan uses federal incentives and the solar rebate program to provide power and water to local cities. The plan lets agricultural customers invest in renewable energy without any cash outlay. Over the next five years, their solar power systems will be paid off with monthly payments that are actually lower than their monthly utility bills. Businesses in the area such as Seaview Packing, Crop Production Services, and other agricultural establishments have already requested analysis and evaluations from Sunvalley.

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