Honduras Begins Development Of Country’s First Wind Farm

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Honduras to begin building the country’s first wind farm, India to build the country’s first tidal power plant and President Obama adds noise to electric cars.

Honduras is scheduled to begin electricity production next year in the nation’s first wind park, the 102-MW Cerro de Hula farm. The facility claims the status of Central America’s largest wind park and will begin generating electricity next June. The plant will aid in the creation of almost 500 jobs. Cerro deHula’s turbines come from the leading Spanish company, Gamesa. The project took 15 year to finally reach commercial operation, but officials remain optimistic about the renewable power in Honduras.
Atlantis Resource Corporation is onboard to build India’s first commercial tidal power plant in the state of Gujarat. The plant is expected to have an initial capacity of 50-MW to reach commercial operation by 2013. In the next phase, the plant’s capacity will be increased to 250-MW. Officials say the cost of the upgrade will be about $165 million.
As electric vehicles gain popularity with the bundles of incentives offered by car companies and the government alike, lawmakers have noticed a drawback. Electric driving is often quiet and does not disturb the serenity of the environment. In fact at low speeds, an EV is far quieter than its combustion engine counterpart. Though this seems like an appealing benefit, the silence can be deadly for
pedestrian environments, children, those who are vision-impaired and others who need the sound of a car to be able to avoid it. In response, President Obama signed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act that requires hybrids and electric cars to produce sound in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians. However, the law is only the first step in a process that can take multiple years to take effect on the roads.
Seiko Instruments created a new temperature sensor for LED lightning. The S-5855A series uses a pulse width modulation sensor to decrease the ration of signal output when the temperature exceeds a specific value. This allows LED lighting circuits to avoid temperatures above design limits ensuring efficiency and safety while reducing cost. LED bulbs have many advantages in comparison to incandescent lights, however it is imperative to adjust the heat management in LEDs to avoid shortening lifetime. Seiko’s new model can be used in LED systems in electronics as well as simple bulbs.
Sunvalley Solar was granted a $1.3 million contract to design a commercial solar installation in Coachella, California. The contract was signed with Prime Time Produce, a year-round producer of multicolored peppers. Other seasonal items include tomatoes, watermelons, green beans and corn. The contract is for a 285-kW solar power system made of 3,000 Tianwei Solarfilms. The system will generate over 400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually upon completion. Installation will begin in early this year.

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