Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery To Grow in 2015

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery To Grow in 2015

New market research forecasts that electric vehicle battery will be the next big thing come 2015. The market for Global Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Battery is expected to grow at 25.2 percent between 2011-2015. The theories behind this growth are an increased awareness of the need to reduce vehicle emissions as well as an increase in consumer awareness for energy independence.  However, there are still some challenges to the growth of this market.


Colorado Solar Plant May Be Affected By Closure of Solar Factory

The solar modules factory that supplies the solar plant in Alamosa, Colorado by Cogentrix LLC has been closed. And there have been concerns about this since it might affect the 30-MW solar plant, which provides electricity to Xcel Energy. The operators of the solar plant has given assurance that the operations will not be affected of the closure of its solar modules supplier. There are other factories that can provide them with their needed solar modules.


Amonix Closes Solar Modules Factory

Amonix has closed its North Las Vegas manufacturing operation that makes solar modules after just a more than a year of operation. Reasons of the closure are financial and administrative issues. Despite this closure, the company still has 16 projects in operation, where 12 are in the U.S. and 4 in Spain. The company used to supply solar modules for Cogentrix’ 30-MW Alamosa solar project in Colorado.

Connecticut To Launch New Pilot Program

A unique new pilot program, Solarize Connecticut, will soon be launched that will make it easier for homeowners to turn the sun’s rays into energy savings. The program aims for homeowners to add solar panels to their homes. The greater the number of participants the greater the savings for all.
Biofuel Fuels US Navy Carrier

The U.S. Naval Carrier Strike Force underwent its first operational test in the waters of the central Pacific using biofuels. About 900,000 gallons of a 50-50 blend of advanced biofuels and traditional petroleum-based fuel was used. According to Advanced Biofuels Association President Michael McAdams, “This is a proud moment for our nation as we’re seeing the results of American ingenuity and innovation in this home grown advanced biofuel that is successfully powering the world’s largest state of the art warships.”

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