Idled Reactors Makes Tepco Double its Coal Use

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Idled Reactors Makes Tepco Double its Coal Use

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the biggest power utility in Japan, burned twice as much coal in 2013 compared to 2012 as the power firm spent the entire year without its nuclear reactors. Tepco used 6.4 million metric tons of coal last year from 3.1 million in 2012, according to Bloomberg calculations. Liquefied natural gas use also increase 1.8 percent to 24 million tons. Because of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan has closed all of its 48 nuclear reactors. The schedule for re-starting Tepco’s idled units has yet to be announced.

Google’s Takes On Its 15th Cleantech Investment; Acquires Nest Labs

Continuing on its trend of investing in clean technology and renewable energy, Google recently announced the acquisition of Nest Labs, producer of the Nest Learning Thermostat. Launched in 2011, Nest has perfected its Learning Thermostat Technology – introducing Rush Hour Rewards and Seasonal Savings in July to further utilize the thermostat’s technology. The search engine giant shelled-out $3.2 billion for the deal. Overall, this is 15th clean-tech investment for the search engine giant. Google had already invested more than $1 billion into wind and solar and is continuing on its goal of running its data centers purely on renewable sources.

Intelligent Energy Inks Multi-Million Dollar India Deal

Intelligent Energy Ltd., a fuel cell maker that works with Suzuki Motor, signed a deal in India with the potential to grow more than $300 million. Intelligent Energy will work with Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Private Ltd. to install fuel cell technology at its telecommunications towers across India as almost three-quarters of India’s 425,000 communication towers is affected by 8 hours-per-day power cuts. The first phase of the deal is valued at about $82 million, but the number of towers in India is expected to almost double by 2020, giving the technology huge growth potential.

England Emerging as Europe’s hottest Solar Park Market

Britain is fast becoming the hottest market for solar parks in Europe.  Steady subsidies and cheaper equipment costs are luring large-scale developers of ground-mounted solar arrays to the region. Britain is seen to build more large –scale plants (with capacity of 2 MW or higher) than any other European country, adding as much as 2,000 MW of capacity by the end of the year, says Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP. It is estimated that the solar arrays will occupy about 16 square miles, enough to cover most of central London.

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