India Plans World’s Largest Floating Solar PV Project

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India Plans World’s Largest Floating Solar PV Project

National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), India’s leading hydro power producer, is planning to build the world’s largest floating solar power project. The 50-MW project will be situated over the water bodies in the southern state of Kerala.  Solar panels will be installed on floating platforms that are anchored firmly to avoid undulation around the water surface. The technology was developed last year by a team led by SP Gon Choudhury, Chairman of the Renewable Energy College. Construction equipment and technical assistance will be provided by Choudhury’s team.

U.K. Green Bank Fund Invests in Ireland’s Waste-to-Power Plants

The U.K. Waste Resources & Energy Investments Fund channeled a 3.2 million pounds ($5.5 million) in two Northern Ireland power pprojects that will generate electricity from farm waste. The projects in County Tyrone and County Down are expected to provide enough electricity to support as many as 1,700 homes annually. Williams Industrial Services Ltd., a local engineering company, supplied a further 3.2 million pounds for the construction of the projects.

Australia’s Clean Energy Bank to Reveal Solar Deals

The Australian government’s A$10 billion ($9.4 billion) clean-energy bank is set to divulge several solar deals next week as it looks in investments in industries from manufacturing to mining. Meg McDonald, Chief operating Officer of Clean Energy Finance Corp. (CEFC), said that the interest in solar is across the board.  The CEFC, created to reduce carbon emissions, invested more than A$800 million in more than 50 projects in its first year, and the firm had been lobbying to stay in business amid efforts by the Australian government to demolish a price on carbon emissions and related agencies. Clive Palmer, whose party holds the balance of power in the government’s upper house, said he will reject Tony Abbott’s plant to get rid of the clean-energy bank.

China –UK Partnership for 400 MW Solar Pipeline

A $400 million-pound deal between a UK solar installer and a Chinese solar module manufacturer was recently announced. ZNShine, the Chinese manufacturer, will manage the capital that will be supplied by Chinese state banks. While the U.K installer, Map Environmental, will submit renewable energy projects to them for consideration. If approved for investment, the UK installer will develop them and retain a 50 % stake when the project s are completed. The partnership between the two companies is the largest solar international collaboration for the U.K., having the potential to provide as many as 550 jobs in the region.

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