India to Bring Solar Lighting to Every Home by 2019

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India to Bring Solar Lighting to Every Home by 2019

India’s new government plans to harness solar power to enable each home to run at least one light bulb by 2019 as about 400 million people in the country currently lack access to electricity. The outgoing government has missed a 2012 goal to provide electricity to each home. The five-year target will require the cooperation of state-level administrations with which the central government shares control over the power market If successful, solar panels could allow every household to have enough power to run two bulbs, a television and a solar cooker.

Australia’s Renewable Target Cuts Would Deter Investors, Says Vestas

Written in a letter sent to a government panel, Vestas Wind Systems A/S said scaling back Australia’s clean energy target would reduce the value of more than $9.4 billion in large projects across the industry and discourage international investors. Australia is perusing its policy to get at least fifth of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. The government panel is evaluating the program’s impact on electricity prices and its contribution to reducing emissions. The review is raising concerns the 2020 goal of 41,000 GW/hours of electricity will be reduced.

Shell Contemplates on Retiring California Coker Amid Shale Boom

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is considering closing one of two coking units at its California refinery as the company seeks to run lighter crude at the plant. Shell has applied to regulators for a permit to close the flexicoker at its Martinez refinery, a move that would reduce the plant’s reliance on heavy oils and cut its greenhouse-gas emissions by 15 percent. Europe’s biggest oil company is considering the shutdown as horizontal drilling n hydraulic fracturing unleash record volumes of light oil.

Google Offers $1Million Prize for Better Solar Power Inverters

Google recently announced that it will be offering a $1 million prize for inventing smaller and better solar power inverters. To be launched this summer, currently few details have been released to the public. The program will be aptly called the “Little Box Challenge”. Adding smart features and functionality to inverters could reduce integration and installation costs, improve monitoring and maintenance and possibly spearhead a slew of potential revenue-generating opportunities in grid balancing.

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