Itaipu Hydorelectric Plant in Brazil Sets New Output Record

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Itaipu Hydorelectric Plant in Brazil Sets New Output Record

Brazil’s 14,000 MW Itaipu hydro-electric power plant has eclipsed its own world record for annual power production. Operator Itaipu Binacional recently announced that in 2012-2013, the plant has generated 98.63 TWh, surpassing its previous record of 98.2 set in 2011-2012. Located on the Parana River that borders Brazil and Paraguay, Itaipu is the second-largest hydropower plant, trailing only  China’s Three Gorges in overall capacity. The facility met 16.9 percent of Brazil’s demand and 75 percent of Paraguay’s energy needs last 2013.


U.K. to Pay Up To 1.7 Million Pounds per Well to Local Councils Allowing Shale Development

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is willing to release millions of pounds to local councils that will allow shale gas to be developed in their areas. Local authorities will be allowed to keep 100 percent of the business rates they collect from shale gas sites – doubling the current 50 percent rate. According to figures released by Prime Minister’s office, this could be worth 1.7 million pounds per site in annual government funding. The mentioned business rates are levies that help pay for local services, charged on most non-domestic properties.  The move is part of the U.K.’s drive to create more jobs and encourage more investment in the region.

Danish Pension Fund to Venture in Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

PensionDanmark A/S as well as other pension investors backed a state fund to sponsor emission-reduction efforts in developing countries as Denmark seeks to export its expertise overseas. The Danish Climate Investments Fund acquired 1.2 billion kroner ($220 million) worth of commitments. The fund will be invested on projects that address climate change in developing nations from Africa to Asia. The initiative follows United Nations promise of raising capital in developed nations in favor of environmental projects in emerging nations.

SolarStar Solar Project Is Now Operational in California

Last week, MidAmerican Solar and SunPower announced that a portion of the Solar Star project have been synchronized to the grid and is now providing 57 MW of electricity to the California Independent service operator grid. When it is ready to deliver its full 579 MW capability, the Solar Star projects can generate enough energy to power around 255,000 average homes in California. The projects are owned by MidAmerica Solar while SunPower designed and constructed the facility, they will also operte and maintain the project.

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