Kenya Approves Offshore Energy Projects

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FreeWave helps OG&E get on the Grid, Chinese energy firm completes a new biofuel plant and Kenya approves offshore energy projects.

FreeWave Helps OG&E Get on the Grid

OG&E will work together with FreeWave Technologies to connect its network with the smart grid. The company will use FreeWave’s wireless radio to distribute the power to the grid. This solution is more secure and reliable, with reduced outages. “Our new grid communication capabilities will allow us to enhance energy distribution services to our customers,” said Ken Grant, Managing Director of OG&E’s smart grid program.  “FreeWave’s solutions will play a critical role in enabling seamless data communications within our distribution grid.” OG&E currently serves over 700,000 customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

Chinese Energy Firm Completes Biofuel Plant

China Integrated Energy has completed its 50,000-ton biodiesel production facility in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. The company already operates a 100,000-ton facility in the same city and another 50,000-ton plant in Chongqing City. Construction costs for the project are almost paid off, a full $19.3 million of which only $1 million remains to be paid by the first quarter of 2011. By the third quarter, the facility is expected to be operating at 90 percent capacity bringing in $21 million in revenue by the end of the year. The plant uses new technologies that reduce its operating costs by 20 percent compared to similar biodiesel production units. The company predicts at least $5 million in net income from the plant.

RMT Constructing 2 Wind Facilities

RMT Inc. has been chosen by Western Wind Corp to construct two wind energy plants. The first of these, a 120-MW project is in Tehachapi, California and the other is a smaller 10-MW initiative in Mohave County, Arizona. RMT will engineer and construct both the civil and electrical aspects of both projects and install turbines at both sites. Gamesa designs the 2.0-MW turbines. The smaller Arizona project is expected to go online in the second quarter of 2011 and the California plant will reach commercial operation state in the fourth quarter.

Kenya Approves Offshore Energy Projects

The Kenyan Ministry of Energy granted approval to SDE Energy for a 100-MW power plant along the country’s coastline. SDE and a local Kenyan firm, Sea Wave Gen, will collaborate to install the plant. Production costs are estimated to be $0.02 per kilowatt and energy will be sold to the electric company for $0.08 per kilowatt. The plant will use oceanic power, sea wave energy, to generate electricity. SDE’s system has worked for several other offshore power plants it has built, such as the project at Jaffa Port. The company has built nine power plant models and its system can supply up to 500 times more power than current worldwide sea wave energy usage.

24/7 Wind Farm Monitoring in Houston

Pattern Energy Group has created a 24/7 Operations Control Center in Houston, Texas to monitor and coordinate Pattern’s wind energy projects at all times. The Center is run by a team of wind operators that are responsible for constantly controlling the wind turbines of all Pattern projects from wind speed to oil levels. The Houston teams coordinate with on-site operators for each wind farm. Currently, the Center is in charge of over 220 wind turbines spanning across the country. The Control Center has sophisticated computer systems and up-to-date software including a dynamic window wall of live images for its personnel. The computer systems are capable of storing technical data and reporting statistical analysis for each project.

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