London Waste Plant Wins $13M From UK Green Investment Bank

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London Waste Plant Wins $13M From UK Green Investment Bank

The U.K. Green Investment Bank will furnish 7.5 million pounds ($12.6 million) of funds for an anaerobic digestion and green waste compositing plant that will turn food leftovers into usable electricity. The plant will be built by D Williams & Co. in northern London. Hotels and shops around London will contribute about 30,000 metric tons of food waste annually. Instead of going to landfills, the plant will use the waste to generate about 7,400 megawatt-hours of power each year, enough to power 1,750 homes. Building will start next month and is seen to be operational by the spring of 2016.

India May Impose Solar Tariffs After Probe on US and China Dumped Panels

India may impose duties on Chinese and U.S solar imports after finding evidence of dumping, broadening a global trade dispute in the $130 billion market. More than 20 overseas suppliers sold equipments in India for as little as half the cost as their home markets and undercut local prices by as much as a third, according to a probe by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. India has built $10 billion of projects and driven down cost of generation by half, making it cheaper than grid power in Mumbai and Delhi. Tariffs will derail that trend and will make solar power more expensive and cause projects to fail.

Japanese Factory Rooftops Eyed for Solar Expansion

Panasonic Corp. is looking to sell more solar panels specifically designed for the rooftops of factories and warehouses, a market it sees to be full of potential as Japan introduces rules that threaten the development of larger solar farms built on open land. The electronics maker had previously been focusing on residential and small-sized rooftops with its HIT-brand solar cells, but come June, Panasonic will start selling panels that are able to be installed more efficiently on corrugated factory roofing.

Chile Green Tax on Coal Increases Gamble on Cheap Shale Gas

Chile is gambling on overcoming an impending energy crisis in the largest copper-producing country by generation more power with U.S. shale gas, just as prices of the fuel are rising.  President Michelle Bachelet will unveil and energy plan today that will rely on liquefied natural gas to ease the cost of Chilean electricity, the most expensive in Latin America. A $5-a-metric-ton carbon emission tariff proposed in March will punish coal-derived power and encourage gas-fired facilities. Bachelet is pinning his hopes on surging LNG supply from the U.S. shale boom. He will travel to Washington next month to meet with President Obama where energy cooperation will be on the agenda.

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