Mapping Oil Well Data? Drillmap Has A Solution

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Drillmap CEO Ross Peery, discusses his company’s software platform at SURGE Day in Houston, Texas.

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Ben Lack I am with Ross Peery from Drill Map.Thank you so much for being with us today. I really appreciate it. I’d like to start off by having you tell us a little bit about the company.
Ross Peery The idea was to go and find some problem in oil and gas. What we’ve found was there is a ton of data out there that’s not really utilized in a very effective way. It’s really hard to get to the companies, really struggle with, you know, they produce all this data, they store all this data but they don’t really have an effective way for users to get to it. So we built application, sits on top of Google maps,  it’s really familiar with the user it’s really easy the idea is there’s a button to push and it gets you the result.
Ben Lack The data points about the data are tremendous in any given day there is more and more coming out far higher and so to speak. So walk us through your process how to tackle such a huge swath of..
Ross Peery Absolutely. It really comes down to understanding the influence. I mean the data is a big problem it’s not just oil and gas. There are a lot of companies out there talking about big data and managing it but the visualization of the big data and actually what does it mean?  How do I use it? That’s really where we come in and you know that really comes down to searching for segments inside the business and really tackling the in-point that they need, the information that’s going to help them to do a decision very quickly.
Ben Lack Is most important data for oil and gas already collected through some type of meter or monitor?
Ross Peery Yeah absolutely, kind of. I mean most of it but then it’s really there’s also this idea around the knowledge that we all care in our heads, that we don’t share the tribalnology if you will. And when you are collaborating around the space geography and you’re doing that from different locations all around the world, it really helps to capture all of that data too, and capture all that information and we do that as well.
Ben Lack Were here at the Surge Day  at the Houston Texas, you just presented on stage and you showed us a demo of basically how it’s so easy to look for for restaurant anywhere in the country but it’s a lot harder to find traditional oil and gas information that you’re demonstration of how your platform works .
Ross Peery The idea is you know when we looked at this problem we are not on oil and gas guys. We came from the software world and really the big internet space world and the big websites. And you know the idea was we heard what the problem was and we just couldn’t believe it even existed. And the idea that you can find a restaurant on your phone anywhere in the country just hit a button. And you know, I only know where they are, how to get there, but if there any good right? And I mean essentially, the same thing happen for oil and gas. I need to understand where  the assets are if they’re working well ,where my people are, where we have contracts, where we have interest ,where land is available, where oil is available. In the end it all comes to one thing and that’s how you get to the oil faster.
Ben Lack So walk us through how you make money.
Ross Peery

We are subscription based model. We have a very inexpensive subscription base, it’s $99 dollars a month and it serves up all the data we collect all the public data anything that we could think of, can find in any company. We even take requests and go out and find whatever our needs again. Our whole goal since the beginning is to use our customers and our prospects and our meetings as a research and development .We’re just really trying to figure out what is it else that we can add.

Ben Lack Today is a big day for Surge because it is the first classic company but you guys have a very long way road ahead of you. As you build your business, walk us through what’s the next 6-12 months looks like for the company.
Ross Peery It’s just going to be, you know Surge has been amazing. It’s been so much fun and really get kind of beat up over a little bit of some of the ideas that we had. And you know to see some of that come to fruition after we kind of make some changes and some adjustments. You know, we’re still going to be probably fund raising for a while. You know we did very well. We have raised a lot of money and we’re going to be fine there. But you know we have some pretty big aspirations and so that’s going to be a part of it. Growing a business, all that aside it’s going to be a really nice to just get back and really get some coding done and really get some of these all of these 800 ideas I have learned since we started Surge get them in the product and get that launched.
Ben Lack And I’m sure that customer feedback has been tremendous to make sure that you’re really fine tuned the service it really hit mass market. Walk us through the customer acquisition and what you guys are up to day.
Ross Peery It’s pretty exciting, the phase, I’ve been saying, I think it’s funny because you know when we first got our first no touch close, some just went to the side and signed up it was like a [Inaudible 6:31]I mean we built something that somebody would just go in the internet and buy. And you know its service that they pay. It was exciting. You know, now we’ve got a ton of excitement big companies are excited about using our system as a content delivery system for their internal data and they’re talking about every portion of the company needs this information. And you know, I think that’s one of the more exciting things for us because that’s what we thought in the beginning, and we just didn’t know if anyone else would buy it.
Ben Lack Why are you doing what you’re doing and why does this space interest you?
Ross Peery You know it’s a, the space is interesting. We’re from Texas, I went to University of Texas and most of us did. We’ve been around energy our whole lives. Why we do this? Quite frankly we just like building really cool stuff that helps people.  We’re just a bunch of internet geeks we’d like to build cool stuffs that nobody else has ever done before. Either that or you know, I mean ours is just kind of a combination of a great company and little bit of addition. So we’ve helped prototype it a little bit.
Ben Lack Ross, Thank you very much, we really appreciate it. Much success. Let’s stay in touch.

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