Mexico 2014 Renewable Investment Seen to Exceed $2.4 Billion

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Mexico 2014 Renewable Investment Seen to Exceed $2.4 Billion

Renewable-energy investment in Mexico is on track to outpace its 2010 $2.4 billion record. The first half of 2014 saw $1.3 billion of investments, compared with $1.6 billion for all of last year, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Spending on solar and wind projects are expected to significantly increase over the next two years. This year, central american nations are estimated to install about 1 GW of wind capacity and about 190 MW from solar.

Exploding Lithium Batteries Riskier to Planes

New research from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration shows that lithium batteries pose more threat than previously thought, raising concerns about their use and shipment on passenger airplanes. In one test, the cockpit was filled with thick smoke that obscured vision for about five minutes. Another test found the batteries may explode, which might render airplane fire-suppression systems ineffective. A group of officials from the international regulatory agency, airlines and battery makers are scheduled to meet Sept. 9 in Germany to address the findings of the new research.

Solar Pumps Surges in India

During his budget speech, India Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced a $67 million package for installing 100,000 solar-powered irrigation pumping systems to aid the country’s irrigation woes. India has about 26 million groundwater pumps that cost a staggering $6 billion annually in energy subsidies. Agriculture irrigation pumps also account for about 25% electricity and 12% of diesel consumption. What’s worse is that the farmers care neither for the electricity- which is highly subsidized- nor for the water being pumped, wasting both, thus creating a huge food-water-energy problem. In a sun-rich but fossil-lacking country, solar water pumping certainly makes a lot of sense.

China Installs Equivalent of Australia’s Total Solar Capacity in Only 6 Months

China rapidly increased its solar power installations in the last six months, adding enough capacity in the period to equal Australia’s total solar power capacity at the end of last year, says the National Energy Administration. China now has 23 GW of solar capacity, over six times as much as Australia. China is pushing to add more energy from renewable sources as government officials look for ways to combat the nation’s growing problem of air pollution.

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